9 Office objects or people who are the milk to your cookie…according to YOU

9 Office objects or people who are the milk to your cookie…according to YOU

Everyone has a favorite partner: Batman & Robin. Stapler & Staples. Lucy & Ethel. We asked our Facebook fans to tell us the office object or person that is the peaches to your cream, and boy did we receive some outstanding responses! It’s clear who and what you guys most rely on in your office every day! Here’s a round-up of the top 9 office partners or items you always want right by your side:

  1. Office buddies, Work BFFs, Partners in Crime

    Not surprising, the overwhelming top response was your office family – otherwise known as your coworkers, best friends and loyal pals! These essential office buds make your days more enjoyable! Whether you have a standing morning coffee date together, always have each other’s backs, lend a hand with those tricky Excel pivot tables or just meet for water cooler conversation laughs throughout the day, these dependable and loyal friends keep a smile on your face day in and day out & help provide patience to get through any sticky office situation! You also gave a HUGE shout-out to your office admins who you depend on to keep the office afloat! You heavily rely on these folks to the keep everyone on track and where they need to be, keep the office stocked with office supplies, key sustenance like coffee, water and snacks and to keep your teams functioning at the highest level! These true gems on the office front lines help keep your office morale high and your offices running like a charm!

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  2. Coffee & Creamer (and don’t forget the donuts!)

    Second only to office buddies, COFFEE and creamer (and accompanying donuts of course!) are the next necessity to keep you operating at full potential throughout your day! You know what they say? No coffee, no workee & this motto definitely holds true with you! Your need for coffee goes hand in hand with a highly-productive day! You stated “with coffee we can do anything together,” “I, myself, can’t live without coffee,” “No questions asked before I’ve had my coffee,” and “I need a pick me up in the afternoon!” Sounds like coffee all day is the key to a functioning office, right?! And don’t forget the sweet treats of donuts to accompany your coffee – this was the clear morning choice to put a smile on your face! And the only thing you like better than coffee to keep you going is drinking it in your favorite coffee cup (think the Mother’s Day cup your son made last year) with your favorite creamer (French Vanilla seems to be the top pick)! I think we can all agree that we are all sorry for what we said before we had our coffee right!? 

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  3. Office Supplies

    Everyone has their favorite products that make them smile and that they have to use throughout the day! Sharpies seem to be that item for a lot of you – and with good reason! Marked as one of your “heart’s true love,” you guys know that everything just looks prettier when written in Sharpie and the “words flow with creative fervor!” Claiming you’d be lost without your Sharpies, it’s amazing the productivity and positivity that can stem from using your favorite pen! And on the flip side of that, you recognize the importance of another top office supply that can fix any mistake – Quill Oops Correction Tape! Rounding out this list includes Post-It Notes, day planners and copy paper, three must-haves for any effective office organization routine! (Psst, to bring a fresh and unique twist to the boring printing routine, surprise your coworkers with our Star Wars copy paper…after all, even ruling the galaxy requires some paperwork!)

  4. Snacks, Snacks & More Snacks

    We see a common theme here that a well-fed and hydrated office is a happy office! Many of you have special snack drawer stashes of chocolate and savory goodies, which we are sure ranks you as a favorite colleague in the office! Some other over-achievers actually make and bring in homemade cupcakes to spoil your team and others arrange snack sign-ups to keep snacks like strawberries and cream, chips and salsa and hot chocolate and marshmallows on-hand for afternoon breaks!

  5. Tech Saves Every Day

    Ok, we realize it would be hard for any office to function without modern day technology like computers, iPads, copiers and printers! You guys definitely give props to these devices and how much easier they make your life day in and day out! Having a copier that copies, folds and staples never lets you down day in and day out! With so many features, you bet it might even make coffee for you if you asked it?! #BestiesForever And there is understandably a relationship with your desk scanners and label makers! #LoveAtFirstScan" width=

  6. Adorable Office Fur Babies

    Those of you who are lucky enough to bring your furry sidekicks to work every day claim these snuggly pets by your side have endless perks such as reminding you to get up and take a walk every few hours, smiling at their goofy grins and snuggle breaks at any time throughout each day! You know these pets are the true bosses of the office & everyone there knows it! " width=

  7. Family – whether in office or on your desk!

    Whether you work with your grandma, wife, husband, mom, kids, sister or brother, you all rely on these folks to brighten every day, and you claim they make working in any office 100 times better! And for those of you who don’t work with your family members, having a family photo or artwork made by kids (think that clay candy dish your daughter made last year at school) adorning your office or cube helps get you through the day and makes all of your hard work worth it!" width=

  8. Quill

    We even got some props form you all & we are so thankful to share the love with you right back! Thanks for loving on us and being your only stop for “great office supplies!” You touted the Quill Sanitzer as the best & who doesn’t love a quirky flamingo mouse (“two things that flock together like birds of a feather!”). And we are so glad you appreciate that we ship fast and free like a Boss." width=

  9. Notable Misc. Mentions!

    It seems that all offices have the same perpetual issue of getting the temperature just right! For most of you, it seems to always be too cold so you can’t live without your desk heater! And despite all of the coffee, snacks or office pals available, some of you like to hunker down and keep the jams pumping, rocking and rolling through the day which means comfortable headphones and a killer playlist! And one thing we can all agree on is that everyone prefers to make their office or cube their own which means bringing in personal (and often quirky) gadgets and knick-knacks (some of our favorite ones you shared are the Charlie Brown and Yoda statues!)." width=

Who is your fav office partner or your top office object pick that’s always by your side & never lets you down?