Costume ideas for your next halloween office party

Costume ideas for your next halloween office party

Halloween is a fun and imaginative holiday, but like any office social event, it can be anxiety-inducing to figure out the boundary between fun and TOO MUCH FUN. While some Halloween parties might be the perfect place to try out your serial killer or sexy nurse fantasy look, the office Halloween party can be a struggle to balance imagination with an appropriate dress code. Do not stress! Last year, we showed you how to throw the perfect office Halloween party. This year, we’re helping you out with some office-friendly Halloween costume ideas.

Halloween costume ideas for the office

Get a New Job

You love your job, but Halloween is a great day to try out another career. The clothes of another occupation are always a safe office Halloween look because they’re already work-appropriate for someone in another office somewhere in the world. What did you want to be when you grew up? A doctor? A firefighter? Or potentially a really cool mail carrier? Uniforms from other random careers make a fun and comfy work-ready look.

Go Back in Time

How many years have to pass before the clothes of another era become a costume? Twenty years? Fifteen? Vintage looks have been in style in recent years, but there’s no better time than Halloween to fully commit to a blast from the past. The rise of TV shows like Mad Men have brought classic office looks to the forefront of fashion. For an easy and chic costume, dress as the 1960s or 1980s version of yourself. Elaborate hairdos and wacky accessories are a must.

Get into character on Halloween at your office

Get into Character

Office parties are a great time to bond with your coworkers, and few things bring people together like a shared nostalgia for the past. Dress up like your favorite childhood cartoon character for an easy look that’s instantly recognizable. Did you grow up watching the Flintstones? Rugrats? Speed Racer? Character costumes are often easy to put together from clothes and accessories you already own.

Laugh About It

Halloween is a great time to make the most of an office inside joke or industry quirk. In every field, there are bizarre idiosyncrasies to laugh about, so why not dress up as a leading industry figure or item you sell? For instance, if you work at a tech startup, go as an over-the-top “startup guy” by wearing jeans, multiple hoodies and branded t-shirts and gear from all the other startups your friends work at. Coworkers are sure to love this inside joke, but be careful not to offend anyone. Don’t dress up as your boss or another coworker unless playful teasing is part of the company culture.

Get Famous

Celebrities are fun, widely known and easy to playfully mock with the right combination of clothes. It doesn’t take much more than your normal clothes and a carefully chosen single glove or pair of glasses to make a great Michael Jackson or John Lennon costume. Do people often say you resemble a certain celeb? An office Halloween costume is the perfect time to capitalize on your famous twin.

There are plenty of workplace-friendly ways to get in the Halloween spirit. Follow these tips, and you’ll be winning the costume contest and eating candy in no time.

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