How to celebrate Star Wars Day in the office

How to celebrate Star Wars Day in the office

There is no time like the present to lock down your Star Wars Day plans. This is going to be the best Star Wars Day yet as May 4th is on a Friday this year. Here are a list of ideas to help celebrate Star Wars in the office and to help bring everyone together to build unity.

  1. Time for sport – Star Wars thumb wrestling tournament

    Hold a tournament, a lightsaber thumb wrestling tournament. This isn’t your mom’s thumb wrestling. There are attachable light sabers and a thumb wrestling ring. Use the force and defeat the phantom thumb-ace. This can be left in the breakroom with a sheet tracking who defeated who. At the end of the day, the top performers can take each other on before leaving work for the day.

  2. Drawing all Star Wars rebels contest

    Not everyone is cut out for the physicality of thumb wars. We don’t all do sports. That is why there is also a drawing contest to be held. Entries should be in by 3 pm. To help everyone in the office learn to draw rebel characters, place the book Draw Star Wars Rebels and paper and colored pencils in the breakroom. Star Wars characters can also be drawn with guidance from this Star Wars Thumb Doodles book. No tracing or the Jedi High Council will be consulted.

  3. Star Wars folded flyers contest

    Make sure the non-drawing crowd doesn’t feel left out by having this Star Wars Folded Flyers book handy in the breakroom. Have everyone craft their own starfighter and hold a contest to determine which starfighter flies the furthest.

  4. Star Wars trivia contest

    Have a Star Wars trivia contest. The book Star Wars the Old Republic Encyclopedia can be used to create questions. Print out the questions on paper and divide employees into two or more teams. Distribute the list of questions at lunch time and allow each team to complete the questions in a set amount of time. (To prevent team members from searching for the answers on Google, you may need to take away your coworkers phones and laptops.)

  5. Star Wars potluck

    A celebration isn’t a celebration at the office unless there is a potluck that revolves around it. Send out an email with clip art pictures and put out a sign up sheet for different foods to make sure there is a nice variety. Send out a reminder the night before May 4th in case the week was particularly hectic for some and they may not have the date on their calendar.

    • For a potluck with Star Wars themed food, this Wookiee Pies, Clone Scones, and Other Galactic Goodies: The Star Wars Cookbook is a fun reference. Leave it out in the breakroom before Star Wars Day so that coworkers can pick something from there to make.
    • Decorations will play an important role in making the Star Wars potluck a success. These Star Wars paper cut outs are an easy way to decorate your breakroom.
    • Music from Star Wars movies will also add to the Star Wars environment. Add your favorite Star Wars movie soundtrack to your laptop or other device and bring a set of speakers into the breakroom.
  6. Darth Vader welcomes you to the dark side

    This Darth Vader peel and stick wall decal would be perfect stuck to the boss’s door. Add a nice speech bubble above it that says “If only you knew the power of the dark side,” to add a handmade touch. Only do this if your office has a sense of humor.

  7. Winner prizes

    Nobody wants to win if there aren’t awesome prizes. Certainly not anyone at your workplace. They live for the competition. Don’t let them down. These light saber fruit candies are the perfect prize and the perfect end note to Karen in accounting’s chili from the potluck. For those that don’t have a sweet tooth, a Star Wars flash drive is ideal.

  8. Reams of Star Wars

    Grab a box of this Star Wars copy paper and place it next to the copy machine on the morning of Star Wars Day. This will give the incoming employees a hint of the fun to come for the day. Did you realize these boxes come shrink wrapped in order to keep the integrity of the box scene? That means the box can be reused next year.