Open office design vs. cubicles: pros & cons

Open office design vs. cubicles: pros & cons

There’s much debate in the blogosphere about the trend for open office space. The corporate sea of grey low cubicles is fading into an open, sit-where-you-want environment that brands are hoping will encourage collaboration and positive morale. Traditional offices provide plenty of room to stash personal belongings, office supplies and paper files, but what happens to it all in an open office? Where do you keep all of your stuff? There are advantages and disadvantages of the open office environment as it relates to our stuff. Here are the pros and cons of each:

Traditional office space

Traditional Office Space Cubicles

Pros: The traditional office of cubicles provides the peace and quiet you may need to get the job done. You’ll avoid distraction and be able to hunker down at your desk. You’ll have a place to stash things and keep office supplies and personal items at your fingertips.

Cons: You may feel more isolated working in a cubicle, where it’s not as easy to collaborate and keep the fun and creative atmosphere alive. Stashing papers and personal belongings can grow into a cluttered mess. It really is easier to rely more on digital documents and to learn to live without papers and office supplies surrounding you.

Open office space

Open Space Office

Pros: The open office plan promotes collaboration, fun, free-spirited work. Take your laptop, sit where you want and get work done. Workers must be streamlined, and the boss may prefer this space as it is more economical and leaves a greener footprint.

Cons: If you like the peace and quiet of your own space, you won’t like the open floor plan. You may be easily distracted and find it harder to concentrate. Also, if you like to be surrounded by your stuff with personal items always within reach, you’ll feel like a fish out of water.

We are all different, doing different jobs with different personalities. What works perfectly for some can be a disaster for others. The key is to keep the communication open with your company about the job that is specific to you and what environment you work best in.