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Invisible & Transparent Tape for Fastening and Reinforcing

When paper emergencies strike, turn to invisible and transparent tape to help solve the problem. Strong tapes from brands such as Scotch and 3M repair rips, hold papers together and provide extra reinforcement to vulnerable seams without covering important information. Keep an adequate supply of tape on hand to prevent and fix mishaps at your desk and throughout your office.

Fix Your Mistakes

Invisible tape tears off easily and goes on smoothly to fix tears in checks, letters, contracts and more. When your hand slips and an important record rips, grab your tape for a quick repair. With invisible tape, you can still add or modify records by writing on top of the tape with a ballpoint pen. The ink sets quickly on the matte tape reducing the risk of smearing.

Keeps Papers From Slipping

Avoid blurry scans and skewed copies by keeping a roll of removable tape in your copy center. Simply affix the paper in place with small pieces of tape on each corner to keep it from slipping. The tape removes easily when no longer needed. Turn your employees' desks into productivity motivation centers by allowing them to tape their weekly agendas or long-term goals on their work surfaces.

Reinforce Vulnerable Folds and Worn Spots

Make your folders last twice as long by reinforcing the fold with strong strips of transparent tape. Look for tapes that resist drying and yellowing for a professional look that lasts. Add tape to the folds on frequently used papers or along the edges of regularly handled schedules and price lists to extend their lives. The edge taping gives papers a little extra rigidity as they pass from hand to hand, saving your employees time at the copy machine.