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Gaming Chairs to Keep Workers Comfortable

Give your office a hip, youthful vibe with gaming chairs that transform any space into a relaxed hangout. The chairs encourage a natural posture for employees, whether they're reading reports or developing a new RPG. Choose from a range of colors and contemporary styles to add a personal feeling to your office environment.

Ergonomic Designs Promote Healthy Alignment

As any office worker knows, hours of sitting can wreak havoc on the body; with ergonomic gaming chairs, your employees can bid farewell to aches and pains. The chairs follow the natural curve of the spine, providing extra support and ensuring that your employees leave the office feeling fresh. At Quill, we know that no two workers are created equal, so many of our chairs adjust automatically to suit the individual. Models with tilt-lock bases are particularly versatile — they rock backward to accommodate people with longer legs and move quickly into the perfect position for any office task, from laptop work to first-person shooter games. For days when holding your head up seems like a chore, chairs with built-in headrests provide a cozy resting place.

Comfort Features Create a Welcoming Workspace

Add a cozy, living-room-style vibe to your office with gaming chairs that are designed for comfort. With features such as contoured armrests and plush padding, these casual chairs provide a relaxing seating option when employees need a change of scenery. If your business thrives on creativity, gaming chairs can provide a welcome break from the norm — use them in a lounge area to create a comfortable spot for a coffee break, or arrange them in groups to establish an informal atmosphere for collaboration or brainstorming. Whether you run an accounting firm or a game-development company, these luxurious chairs add an element of fun to the office.

Choose From Traditional and Low-Slung Models to Suit Your Office

When it comes to gaming chairs, height is a make-or-break design factor, so Quill carries models to fit every workspace. Low-profile chairs hold workers at eye level with a television, so they can focus on the action without straining to see the screen. If your coders and online-game testers spend hours staring at a computer, choose an office-style model that offers the height of a desk chair with the gamer-friendly features of a gaming chair.

Gamer-Specific Features for an Immersive Experience

Make your game developers swoon with gaming chairs that feature integrated speakers — they surround the user with a sphere of sound to create a full-immersion experience. To preserve the peace in the office, look for chairs with integrated headphone jacks, which make it easy for employees to blast their tunes or turn up the sound without disturbing co-workers. Chairs with Bluetooth and USB allow high-speed console connections to ensure seamless action, whether your employees are searching for bugs in the latest action RPG or testing the response time of a new racing game.