Clever Uses for Binder Clips

Clever Uses for Binder Clips

Binder clip hacks take advantage of the universal design of these metal office supplies to make them useful for a variety of tasks. Aside from managing stacks of paper in the office, these clips have a useful place with technology devices, in the kitchen or break room, and at most workstations. Quill offers a selection of binder clips and stationery supplies to increase productivity.

Binder clip hacks for technology devices

Deliver hands-free viewing from any smartphone with an easy-to-assemble binder clip smartphone stand. Attach a single clip to each end of an index card and use the handles as stable feet to watch videos or chat with clients while leaving your hands free to perform other tasks. Keep cords organized by attaching a line of clips along the edge of a desk or other piece of furniture and then insert a plug into the end of each handle. This prevents damage to the plugs while keeping them within reach. After listening to music, store earbuds in a drawer or briefcase tangle-free by clasping the earbuds with the clip and wrapping the cords around the handle.

Uses for binder clips in the break room

Keep the break room clutter-free with a multitude of binder clip hacks. Roll the ends of chip bags and seal the open containers shut with binder clips to keep snacks and other treats fresh. Attach a magnet to the handle of a clip and place it on the front of the refrigerator to hold important notices. For wire refrigerator racks, attach a row of these office supplies to keep bottles stored horizontally and from rolling around on a shelf.

Clips also hold items securely in place in unconventional ways. Attach a tea bag to the side of a paper cup to prevent the label from sliding down in the water. It’s also possible to keep trash bags in place in the garbage can by adding clips along the edges of the can.

Binder clip uses with safety in mind

Organize lengthy cables underfoot to keep floors clears of hazards by wrapping the cords in a bundle and securing them in the middle with a clip. Medium size ones also fit over the ends of razors when they’re not in use to prevent accidental cuts.

Binder clip hacks in the office

Stick a thumbtack into a cork board and hang clips to secure calendars, memos, and important notices. Binder clips also make it possible to hang art or posters on the wall without causing damage. Collect small items like paper clips, thumbtacks, and rubber bands and store them in resealable plastic storage bags. Attach binder clips to the tops of the bags and hang them on hooks on a clothes hanger in the closet to save space. A group of boxes makes an excellent storage ideal by stacking them on top of one another and attaching several sizes together. It’s also possible to use large clips in the center of a book to keep it open while the hands are free to tackle other tasks. Attach your favorite photo and use the clip as a mini display on a desk or bookcase.

Clips do more than keep stacks of paper together. With a little imagination, you can find a multitude of binder clip hacks to keep your office organized and running smoothly.