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Bulk trash bags are available in different strengths, gauges, and sizes for any room in the home or for yard debris, as well as for any large commercial or industrial setting. Well-known brands are available in bulk, offering high-quality trash bags for refuse, garbage, recycling, or special-waste needs. Select among several cost-saving packages for the capacity you need for any of these tasks.

Bulk trash bags for home or work receptacles

Many standard trash bags are liners for trash cans that come in sizes for the smallest room in the home or the largest commercial or industrial setting in the workplace. Both domestic and commercial trash bags are available in either low-density or high-density material. They are mostly polyethylene for flexibility and strength, many times mixed with minerals or resins for added durability. Low-density bags have thick gauges or plies that are flexible yet are resistant to punctures and tears. High-density bags are usually clear, featuring a crinkly feel because they use less plastic, and are excellent liners for paper and light debris. They’re also economical.

Low-density and high-density liners offer versatility, and they’re an essential component of janitorial supplies for any workplace, along with products like mops, buckets, brooms, toilet paper, and paper towels. Wholesale trash bag liners also come in a variety of colors, making it easy to color code according to types of trash. 

Specialty bags

Bulk trash bags are available for any disposal need. Industrial-grade bags are suitable for construction debris and yard waste. Recycling bags can contain bottles, cans, paper, cut up cardboard, and any other recyclable material. Consider specialty bags like small and large pet-waste disposal bags and diaper disposal bags. Small-bin and kitchen-size bags also add to the waste niche of trash bags.

The capacities and closures of commercial trash bags

All the wholesale trash bags come in various sizes, including 1, 5, 10 and 20 gallons to 45, 55, and 60 gallons. Each has a specific closure device, including flap ties, drawstrings, and quick ties.

Bulk package sizes

Like other cleaning supplies, including disposable towelettes, detergents, and other cleaners, trash bags in bulk are available in many package sizes. You’ll find just about any cost-saving volume you need for all workplaces, including 20 to 40 bags in a box, up to hundreds of bags in carton supplies that may include as many as 1,000 trash bags.

Trash bag brands

Bags for debris, waste, and recyclable disposal come from dozens of well-known manufacturers, including:

  • Quill Brand
  • Glad®
  • Hefty®
  • Poopy Doo
  • Coastwide Professional
  • Brighton Professional™
  • Poopy Pouch
  • Envision
  • Webster

Find more brands by browsing Quill.

Understanding trash bag thickness

Bags with over 1 mil thickness can hold a variety of items, such as broken glass and lawn waste. When doing renovations, consider heavy-duty bags with over 3 mil thickness. These can hold construction waste and other solid waste without tearing or puncturing. Standard bags ranging from 0.7 to 1 mil thick are ideal for regular home use to dispose of food leftovers, wrappings, and milk cartons.

Besides their thickness, some bags come with additional features, such as reinforced middle areas and stretching tops. These have a higher resistance to punctures and tears, even when handling bulky items. Select options also feature reinforced bottoms to increase load-bearing capacity. Bags with star-sealed bottoms are resistant to leaks to help prevent damage to trash cans.

Scented trash bags to enhance user comfort

There are scented and unscented trash bags to choose from. Bags without scents are ideal for areas such as hospitals, where some people may be uncomfortable with fragrances. Opt for bags with scents for homes and eateries, as they help minimize the smell of rotting waste. Some have fresh floral scents and special odor-neutralizing capabilities. Consider using air fresheners to block out bad smells and create a pleasant environment.

Choosing garbage bag closures

If using the trash bag to line bins, opt for drawstring closures. These are easy to tie and grip securely, making it is easy to pull and dispose of full bags. Drawstring and twist-tie trash bags are ideal for disposing of food and damp waste, since the closure helps keep odors from seeping out of the trash. For busy offices, daycare centers, and restaurants, consider quick-tie bags that allow easy closure.

Garbage bags are made of different tough materials, such as hexene resins, to increase shear resistance. Some options use recycled content to minimize pollution. Trash bags are also recyclable to keep the environment clean. Find other cleaning supplies such as brooms, trash bins, and detergents at Quill.

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