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Paper shredders destroy documents to protect company Information

Keep shredders at your office so employees can shred documents before disposal, ensuring that company and client information doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Shredders make it easy for employees to destroy documents quickly, making them unreadable and safeguarding important information. If your office needs to shred large amounts of documents frequently, go with a heavy-duty shredder designed to handle multiple pages at once without jamming or stalling. We offer shredders at every security level, so you can find one that's right for your office. If your company needs to destroy other items, such as CDs and credit cards, look for a shredder than also destroys media.

Shred documents for security

Protect private information about your company and its clients by having your employees shred documents before throwing them away. It's worth the peace of mind knowing that even if someone goes through your company's trash, it's impossible to learn anything from the jumbled pieces of paperwork. Expect clients to be impressed with your company's security measures.

Choose from cross, super cross, micro-cut and strip shredders

strip-cut shredders, also known as P-2 shredders, cut paper into strips for basic protection. Cross-cut and super cross-cut shredders, also known as P-3 or P-4 shredders, use cross cuts to cut paper into small, unreadable pieces. Micro-cut shredders, also known as either P-5 or P-7 shredders, make the smallest cuts, and P-7 shredders are so effective that the government uses them to destroy top-secret documents. Since we sell shredders of every type, you can choose one appropriate for the type of information your company handles.

Here at Quill, we sell a huge variety of printers, shredders and other machines, and we know how important it is to find high-quality products that you can rely on. We're all busier than ever, and wasting precious time on a malfunctioning machine is enough to ruin anyone's workday schedule.

Our selection of paper shredders and accessories has been chosen to make your life easier. A heavy-duty paper shredding machine is your best bet for avoiding jams and stalls without having to painstakingly hand-feed each individual page through the machine one at a time.

Paper shredders leave nothing to chance

Even as we move further and further into the digital world, no home or office can afford to be without a quality shredder. Paper is still a big part of our lives, whether we like it or not, and safeguarding privacy is just as important offline as it is in the cloud. Identity theft remains a real threat, and keeping fraud at bay requires diligence. We rely on complex encryption to protect our sensitive information online, but when it comes to disposing of old-fashioned documents, paper shredders can't be topped.

Whether you're working in a doctor's or lawyer's office and need to be compliant with privacy regulations, or you're just at home cleaning out your old bank statements, make sure your shredder is up to the job. What level of security do you need? There are four basic levels of shredder security. P-2, or strip-cut, shredders are fine for basic security. Cross-cut shredders are known as P-3 or P-4, depending on the size of the pieces. They reduce documents to unreadable confetti. Micro-cut shredders are the safest option available to most offices. Known as P-5 shredders, they obliterate personal information in one fell swoop. P7 shredders provide the very highest level of security and are government-approved for the disposal of classified and top-secret documents.

Reduce large amounts of paper at one time

Purchasing a heavy-duty shredder for the office lets employees save time when destroying large amounts of paper and other items. One of the main things to look for when searching for a heavy-duty paper shredder is how many sheets it can deal with per pass. Standard paper shredders can generally cope with between 3 and 10 pages at once with a run time of 1 to 5 minutes. On the other hand, heavy-duty models in large offices with more than five users competently deal with 20 or more pages simultaneously, and they can run continuously for over 30 minutes before needing to stop to cool down for a similar period.

Heavy-duty shredder bins and feeders

Heavy-duty paper shredders help ensure your company defends itself against fraud, industrial espionage, and breaking federal confidentiality laws. A large variety of models are available with diverse levels of security and features that meet all your shredding needs. These machines help preserve the confidentiality of information and make recyclable waste easy to remove and transport.

The size of the bin contributes to the amount of time users have to spend during shredding tasks. The bigger the container, the less time it needs for emptying. Typically, a heavy-duty unit has a bin with a 30-gallon or more capacity. Bins are either pull-out drawers or removable buckets.

Automatic feeders are the best choice when staff has to cut up large amounts of paper every day. Feeder trays are very similar to those found on printers and copiers. Holding between 100 and 500 sheets at a time, the feeder simply pushes the paper into the device during the work process.

Shredding items besides paper

A heavy-duty office shredder can chomp up more than just paper. Check manufacturer booklets for exact details when looking into specific models, but typically other items include:

  • Paper clips
  • Staples
  • DVDs
  • CDs
  • ID cards
  • Bank cards

Heavy-duty paper shredders for all office requirements

The three main types of heavy-duty office shredders include micro-cut, cross-cut, and strip-cut devices. Each type offers a different level of end-result security. DIN P ratings go from 1 to 7. The higher the DIN rating of the machine, the smaller the fragments are after shredding. If your company deals with confidential information daily, micro-cut shredders, which have a DIN P-5 rating, are the answer. These chew paper into minute, confetti-style pieces that are impossible to resurrect as whole documents. Companies that require DIN P-3 and P-4 security levels for sensitive data usually select cross-cut shredders. These slice sheets diagonally from the corners into short strips. Standard strip-cut models generally have a DIN P-1 and P-2 rating, and they cut pages into long bands.

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