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Want to know more about Traffic Safety

Traffic Signs to Help Direct Vehicles and People

Traffic signs take the guesswork out of where to park, where to go and what not to do around your office. From interior exit signs to exterior "no parking" signs, visitors shouldn't have any questions on where to park and where to go.

Control Parking

Parking can be a big headache for businesses. Give clear directions on where to park without hiring a full-time traffic officer with signs that get your point across. Start by posting "no parking" signs anywhere you don't want cars. Fire lane sign are also an option. Save certain spots in your lot with "customer parking only," "reserved parking" and "employee parking only" signs. If you have a large parking lot, post a sign at the entrance directing people to the visitor parking area. Traditional blue handicapped parking signs also come in handy if you have designated parking areas.

Get Cars to Slow Down

Everyone has somewhere to go, but speedy cars in your parking lot and near your building put everyone in danger. Give those drivers with lead feet a reminder to slow down with road signs that fit the situation. Speed limit signs are an easy way to let people know exactly how slow you want them to go through your parking lot. Install stop or yield signs at strategic points in the parking lot or on the entrance road leading to the building, especially if your business gets a lot of traffic. Pedestrian crossing signs near walkways leading from the parking lot to the building offer another reminder to slow down and drive carefully. If you decide to install speed bumps to slow cars through the lot, give them a little warning with "speed bump ahead" signs.

Post Warnings on Prohibited Activities

It's your property. Let everyone know what they can and can't do on it. "No loitering" and "no dumping" signs are two examples of notices that help keep your building's exterior safe and clean. Other signs let people know you don't want skateboarding, rollerblading or bike riding on your property. While you don't want to look like the grumpy old man of the neighborhood with lots of "don't do this" signs around your building, putting up signs for a specific problem you have is one way to get the issue under control in a firm way.

Keep the Interior of Your Office Safe

Traffic control isn't limited to the parking lot. Post signs inside to tell people where to enter, how to reach the stairs and where to exit the building. Your clients get where they need to go faster, and your employees don't waste time giving directions to everyone who enters. Interior signs also help keep employees and clients safe. Clearly mark exits in case of a fire or emergency evacuation. Post bright red fire extinguisher signs so they aren't missed in the rare case they are needed.

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