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Want to know more about Mouse Pads and Wrist Rests
Promote comfort in the workplace by using mouse pads with integrated wrist rests, or wrist rests with independent mouse pads. They not only protect your desk, they create a smooth work surface, and the elevation provides built-in support to promote comfort while also reducing the risk of injury. Shop popular brands such as 3M™, Fellowes®, and Belkin® to find a solution that works for your needs.

Choose ergonomic mouse pads for more comfort

When working at a computer all day, comfort is essential to productivity. With a standard pad, the wrist rests on a hard surface next to the computer keyboard, pivoting the hand up, which can lead to fatigue. The elevated rest on an ergonomic mouse pad keeps the wrist level with the hand and arm, reducing strain and the potential for common repetitive-motion injuries, such as carpal tunnel. Independent wrist rests are also available as long, slender arched pads that let you rest your wrist as you glide your mouse from side to side on a flat mouse pad.

Computer-accessories like ergonomic mouse pads and wrist rests are an important part of the family of technology for today’s modern offices. The wrist rests, in particular, come with different types of filler to provide comfort in addition to the physiological benefit. Those made with foam keep their shape, contouring to the user’s wrist each time they use it. Gel wrist rests remain cool to the touch, adding a soothing element. Some wrist rests contain small beads, massaging the wrist as it maneuvers the mouse.

Ergonomic and comfort innovations also include Wrist Rockers™, which are elliptical, hollow tubes with interior supports that let your wrist oscillate back and forth as it works the mouse. The Rockers are a hand-wrist option for keyboard use as well, adding to the list of ways to make your workspace more ergonomic. Another innovation is a pad with an integrated wrist rest that glides back and forth in a sweeping motion, as well as forward and backward as your hand maneuvers the mouse on the pad.

In addition, Smart Gloves® for mouse users are available. They include an ergonomic, integrated support bar across the back of the wrist, preventing the flexion and extension that may lead to carpel tunnel syndrome, combined with a beaded pocket on the underside of the wrist for a comfortable, relaxing rest.

Consider additional features

Along with a wide choice of computer accessories, mouse pads are available with wrist support and other built-in features that improve the function and life of the unit itself. Nonslip backings keep them in place on many surfaces, including wood, glass, and metal desks and tables. Antimicrobial protection reduces the spread of germs and viruses, even in shared workspaces. Some feature a stain-resistant material that repels dirt and dust, keeping the pad looking brand new, whether you use it consistently or sparingly. Smooth cloth surfaces help increase tracking for jobs where details matter, such as in graphic design and photo editing. Common fabrics include:

  • Jersey cloth
  • Nylon
  • Lycra®
  • Polyester
  • Polyurethane

Leatherette is also available for a higher-end look and feel.

Check out some of the mousepad designs

For those who prefer using a separate wrist rest and mousepad arrangements, a huge selection of designer pads are available. In addition to solid, more traditional office colors like graphite and black, unique colors like deep blue and sapphire offer stylish options. Several bold, multi-color pads are appealing choices, as are pads with soothing nature scapes, like shorelines, lakesides, and mountain ridges. Geometric patterns, floral designs, and everyday shapes and forms are part of a wide selection of pads as well. In addition, you can choose pads with sayings or quotes that may be most expressive of your personal tastes.

Use with all mouse types

Most mouse pads with wrist rests have a durable surface that stands up to years of use with the new generation of computer mouse technology. The smooth texture of the pad surface works well with optical, laser, and BlueTrack™ tracking lights, as well as with either wired or wireless mice. In fact, some mouse pads offer proprietary surfaces to cater to the faster speeds of today’s optical mice, which also saves on mouse battery use at the same time. If you use a larger mouse, whether for preference or mobility issues, consider purchasing a bigger pad to create more working space for added convenience. For more versatility, consider wireless keyboards and mice that let you move easily to create a natural position while you work.

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