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A consistent supply of office water helps create a comfortable work environment. Employees save time and money by having beverages at the office, and clients stay refreshed during meetings. Since water doesn't require refrigeration, chill what you need for the moment or event, and store the rest with other supplies until needed.

Office water appeals to everyone

When choosing items for the office kitchen, feel confident that bottled water is something most people enjoy. It hydrates without additional calories, sugar, or carbohydrates, and won't trigger an allergic reaction. It complements full meals during a shift, or a bit of chocolate and candy for a quick snack. Some bottles have sports caps, which may make them easier to drink from, or help prevent spillage when placed on desks.  

When selecting these beverages, note that distilled and purified are terms that describe filtering methods. Artesian and spring refer to where the water is sourced. The distillation process uses high temperatures to boil out inorganic minerals, metals, and other contaminants found in untreated drinking water. Common uses for distilled liquids include aquariums, car cooling systems, steam irons, and laboratory experiments at school.

Purified water goes through several processes, such as distillation, reverse osmosis, or deionization, that remove over 99 percent of impurities. Refreshing distilled and purified beverages can come from springs or taps, or be filtered water. Baby formula brands recommend using purified water because it doesn't contain any chemicals or other contaminants found in tap water, such as fluoride. 

Mineral water is another option. It contains high quantities of minerals, including calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, and zinc, that can be beneficial to health.  

Artesian and artesian well water can come from above the top level of an aquifer without the aid of a pump. This water is cleaner than other types of groundwater because the bedrock it was contained in kept it free from contamination. Spring water comes from natural, underground sources. It's tested for contaminants and bacteria, but left unadulterated. 

Adding beverages other than water, such as soda, juice, and energy drinks, is also a great way to keep options open for clients and employees. While these beverages are not as healthy as water, it is always nice to have a variety of items in a communal refrigerator. 

Add sparkling water to the office refrigerator

Another way to keep employees and clients happy, healthy, and hydrated is with flavored sparkling water, which uses carbon dioxide (C02) to add the "sparkle" or fizz. Sparkling beverages commonly use mineral or spring water, and they're available in several flavors, including black raspberry, black cherry, orange mango, grapefruit, and strawberry. They have low or no calories, are tasty, and thirst-quenching. These come in 12-pack cases of 8-ounce cans and 17-ounce plastic bottles.

Give back to the planet with eco-friendly packaging

Plastic bottles are BPA-free, and all brands are 100 percent recyclable. Most people reuse empty water containers before recycling them, increasing their usefulness. Additional uses include refilling them with water at a faucet or drinking fountain, or pouring a different beverage into them. 

Bottled water is convenient for employees and clients

One benefit of bottled beverages is that they're accessible at all times. There are many bottle capacities and pack sizes to choose from, whether you want a couple of six-packs or a pallet of over 70 cases. This makes it easy to decide what the office needs, whether it's to store them in the refrigerator, or to put them out on the break room counter or conference room table. The smaller bottles don't take up much room when placed alongside bottles of juice or cans of soft drinks at convention tables or company parties. Additionally, 8-ounce ones are ideal for lunchboxes and slipping inside a handbag. Preschools and elementary schools prefer these tiny bottles to reduce waste.

Popular brand names of water for the office

The following companies, some also known for making other types of beverages, produce water in various size bottles:

  • Nestlé®
  • Glaceau®
  • FIJI®
  • Dasani®
  • Coca-Cola®
  • Aquafina Pure
  • True Clear™

Stock the office with snacks and beverages

In addition to stocking up on office water, make sure there are plenty of treats and beverages for breaks, conferences, and visitors. Having tea and cocoa in the office break room or lobby is a great way to give employees and visitors a selection of beverages. Quill also has a wide variety of sports drinks and flavored water for employees and visitors who prefer a beverage with a little more flavor than bottled water. Check Quill for assorted office snacks that meet a variety of dietary preferences and needs. Keep dry goods such as chips, crackers, cookies, nuts, and trail mixes in the pantry. Cereal, protein, and granola bars are also ideal when staff needs an energizing bite to eat with a bottle of water. 

Keep fresh ground coffee in the breakroom to give employees an extra boost of energy in the morning, or to power through a long afternoon. Store caffeinated and decaffeinated brands for workers unable to drink coffee with caffeine. For anyone working overnights, consider putting a supply of energy drinks in the refrigerator to help maintain stamina during a long shift. To stay hydrated, suggest employees drink water with caffeinated beverages.

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