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Eliminate trips to the convenience store by stocking your business or home with bulk sodas. Multiple packages save you time and money and ensure everyone stays fully hydrated and satisfied. Choose from a variety of flavors like grape and orange and popular brands like Canada Dry®, Coca-Cola®, Pepsi™, and Barq’s®.

Bulk soft drinks for large families and big workgroups

Drinks are available in single or bulk packages to satisfy the demands of different consumers. Canned soda cartons contain 24 drinks, each with a specific soda type. Bulk canned sodas eliminate the need for glasses, helping save on cost when serving a crowd. Cans are small in size relative to other drinks and easily fit into backpacks with limited storage space. There are also 1-liter and 2-liter bottles for big families and offices with large work groups. They eliminate the inconvenience of reordering, helping save on shipment fees, and ensuring a constant supply of drinks. Whether at home or in the office, add variety to the available drinks with the bulk K-Cups®, which provide fast beverage making.

Soft drinks come in varied flavors

Depending on the ingredients, soft drinks are either regular or diet. Diet sodas contain natural sweeteners instead of artificial sugars, helping cut down on the intake of calories. Meanwhile, regular or non-diet sodas contain a variety of sugar components that give them an extra-sweet taste. Regular drinks contain high fructose corn syrup, making them high in calories but also providing employees the energy they need to sustain them throughout the day.

Popular soft drink brands to consider

The ingredients of drinks from various manufacturers differ, leading to a wide range of tastes, including colas, ginger ales, root beers, and fruit-based drinks. Some of the available brands to consider include:

  • Canada Dry®
  • A&W®
  • Barq’s®
  • Diet Coke®
  • Pepsi™
  • Mountain Dew®
  • Coca-Cola®

Improve employee productivity with bulk water purchases that allow for hydration and keeping your employees healthy while working at their jobs.

Difference between decaffeinated and caffeinated beverages

The primary difference between caffeinated and decaffeinated beverages is the amount of caffeine in each. Caffeinated drinks contain approximately 85 milligrams (mg) of caffeine per cup, while 10 cups of decaf soft drinks contain an average of 10mg of caffeine in total. The significant caffeine levels in caffeinated beverages have a stimulation effect, which gives a person a burst of energy, keeping them alert during work periods. Supplement the caffeine stimulation with bulk candy. Candy can help boost employee energy levels between meals and serve as a way to make many people happy while they work.


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