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Want to know more about Power Tools
Power tools come in a wide variety of options to suit large and small projects. Use woodworking power tools for framing and cabinetry jobs. Different drills are essential and versatile for repair and installation tasks. Cordless power tools offer the ability to go wherever the work is without tethering the operator to a cord.

Cordless power tools offer mobility

Many types of power tools, such as drills and electric saws, are cordless to offer convenient mobility around the work site. Several well-known brands also use their own proprietary types of batteries, which are also often interchangeable between different cordless power tools for added convenience. Other tools may include specially built cases for storing and transporting the devices and their related accessories.

Power hand tools help with numerous projects

Drill power tools and other equipment provide the torque and cutting power needed to complete projects at home or at professional job sites.

  • Installing cabinets
  • Assembling door frames
  • Demolition and renovation
  • Sanding floors

Another area power tools excel in is cleaning with pressure washers and accessories. Whether they run on gas or electricity, these deliver the concentrated jets of water needed for removing accumulated dirt from vinyl siding, weeds from sidewalks and driveways, and other built-up muck and debris.

Woodworking power tools for contractors and hobbyists

Both professional woodworkers and those who engage in the practice as a hobby get a lot of use out of woodworking power tools. Jigsaw and circular saws blades can create precise cuts in straight lines or angles for snugly joining corners. Routers and their interchangeable bits create paths of varying shapes for cabinets and molding.

Power tools are durable to withstand rugged conditions

Power tools of all types handle the demands of construction sites and other environments with their sturdy builds. Many have housings that protect against dust infiltrating the motors, and most feature molded, rubberized, or textured handles to provide operators with comfortable grips.

Ensuring there are plenty of these durable tools and MRO supplies on hand for any condition or environment is essential for professional contractors and workplaces and businesses or departments that handle maintenance and repair for building facilities.

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