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Computer privacy screens allow you to work securely in open office spaces and public places. Use a laptop at a cafe or at the beach without compromising data. Privacy screens for computers come in various sizes and are easy to use. Also, take advantage of other useful features such as monitor privacy screens with anti-glare or anti-reflection properties.

Computer privacy screens provide secure data protection

Privacy screens are an excellent way to prevent visual hacking on computer monitors without compromising content clarity. With privacy screens for computers, users can concentrate on work because they block all viewers outside of a 60-degree angle. Anyone on either side of the monitor only sees a dark screen. Filters also offer extra protection for your screen from scratches, dirt, dust, and fingerprints. Privacy screens are also easy to apply with clear instructions, self-adhesive attachment strips, and side mount tabs. To help keep the rest of any workspace neat, consider using wireless keyboards and mice to eliminate the clutter and dust that excess wires can cause.

Choose the right computer privacy screen for your monitor

To work correctly, the privacy screen protector needs to be the correct size for the monitor. Standard dimensions for laptop and desktop screens are 17, 19, 23, 24, and 27 inches. These are also available for high-resolution widescreen CRT models. For an exact match, consider a brand that offers a monitor privacy screen designed to fit the laptop or desktop computer model. There are a few ways to install privacy filters. One type uses a frame and hanger arms with self-adhesive strips to hold the screen in place. Another option is frameless tab holders or adhesives that keep the filter secured to the screen. For optimal results, always adhere filters to a clean surface.

Features of privacy screens for computers

Along with concealing data from people nearby, these protectors can enhance the users' viewing experience with a matte finish that helps reduce glare from bright light and sunshine by scattering the reflection and allowing the user a better view of the screen. If glare isn't a problem, many brands offer both a matte and glossy option. As wrist rests for keyboards are ideal for better ergonomics, computer privacy screens are ideal for eye protection. They reduce blue light transmission by up to 35 percent.

Compare different brands of computer privacy screens

Several brands offer standard and widescreen privacy screen protectors. Carefully consider the various options of these brands to find the best fit for your computer:

  • Fellowes®
  • Insten®
  • 3M™
  • Targus®
  • V7®

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