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With BIC® Wite-Out® readily available at your desk, you can immediately make corrections and keep papers looking as neat and tidy as possible. It's quick and easy to apply and saves time as you don't have to rewrite an entire note. Have Wite-Out correction fluid dispensers for every employee, and never have productivity disrupted when errors occur.

Efficient results with Wite-Out

It happens to almost everyone at some point ? you’re in a rush, momentarily distracted, unsure about spelling or grammar, or accidentally jostled. Suddenly, that picture-perfect letter has an error or a smudge, and you don’t have the time, energy, or materials to redo everything. Conveniently, correction tape takes care of the mistake by covering up the error and leaving a smooth space to fix it. The tape also doesn’t leave any shadowed edges when copied or scanned, so you don’t have to worry about any mistakes affecting multiple documents.

Correction tape comes in handheld, fingertip dispenser cartridges, translucent so you can see how much tape remains. The cartridge contains two gears for unspooling the tape and for rewinding excess tape after use. The dispensers have applicator tips that you hold on the page at a 45-degree angle to attach the tape to the copy that needs correcting. The tape lays down smoothly on the paper without peeling or curling at the edges or ends. Because the nonadhesive side of the tape is dry, it’s ready for handwritten corrections immediately.

Manufacturers offer different dispenser styles, including various colors to suit personal tastes or even desktop décor. Different applicator tips are available as well, including those that let you pull the dispenser across the page for long-line corrections or push the dispenser across for single-letter corrections. Some applicators swivel so you can fix misprinted, unaligned text. Most tape covers single text lines, although wide-ruled tape is available for correcting notebook entries on college-ruled paper or single-space, double-line text.

Wite-Out correction fluid is an office essential

Spellcheck isn’t perfect, which is why office staff should keep BIC Wite-Out correction fluid near letter trays and papers that need final proofing. It works just as well over handwritten errors as it does over printed ones. The correction fluid from all manufacturers dries quickly and smoothly, so you don’t have to wait very long to make handwritten corrections, and you can use just about any gel, ballpoint or rollerball pen or marker to make the necessary corrections. The fluid comes in small bottles with protective screw-on caps to keep the fluid moist, and the containers include either a brush or foam-rubber applicator, both of which leave thin, even lines. The bottles are available individually, in 3-, 4-, or 12-count packs, and in carton sizes of 144 bottles, ideal for large offices

Brands that make correction fluid or tape like Wite-Out

Several manufacturers and office supply companies that offer their own correction fluid and tape are well-known in the industry:

  • Liquid Paper®
  • Paper Mate®
  • Post-it®
  • Quill Brand
  • Tombow

Some of these makers also produce some of the most popular writing instruments in the market, including pens, mechanical pencils, fine- and broad-point markers, and highlighters. The correction tape and fluid they manufacturer readily accept the correction media they provide.

Wite-Out fluid and tape are also available as correction pens

While tape cartridges and applicator bottles offer the more familiar correction media for text and copy, stick-style, fingertip-grip Wite-Out pens are also available to give you extra-precise control for pinpoint corrections. The pens come in both liquid and tape. Liquid correction pens normally have a squeezable barrel, letting you apply the right amount of pressure to control the flow of fluid you need for correction precision. The liquid is the same that manufacturers offer with brush- or foam-rubber applicators, so it dries quickly and smoothly for quick, sharp handwritten corrections. In fact, a couple of manufacturers offer 2-in-1 felt or brush applicators that include a pen-style point on the other end for the finer corrections.

Pen-style correction-tape media include those with retractable-tip applicators, letting you control the amount of tape that comes out of the barrel. Tombow also offers a pivoting head for odd-shaped corrections that require a bit more finesse.

Other necessary supplies for the office

Some paperwork in any office consists of simple handwritten drafts prepared in pencil, while some may be formal drafts of architectural, design, or engineering specs. Others may be fine-arts drawings and sketches, not only in pencil but also in charcoal or pastels. 

The family of correction media extends beyond tape and fluid to encompass a wide range of erasers, from pink erasers to artgum erasers. Some manufacturers of erasers include those that also make writing instruments, including Pentel®, Pilot, and Dixon® (or Dixon Ticonderoga®). They offer several styles of lead-graphite erasers, including pencil-tip arrow-style cap erasers, wedge-style hand erasers with chiseled ends, and rectangular-block erasers. Many of the erasers have a latex-free, rubberized composition, while some consist of polymer that can remove lead on several types of paper, from thin tracing paper to heavy construction paper.

Pentel offers a unique Click Erase® line of erasers, consisting of a twist-shape eraser in a stick-style barrel with a pocket clip you click to extend the eraser as you use it. They’re also available in different eraser colors, for whimsy or desktop decor. Dixon Ticonderoga makes erasers that look like snub-nose versions of wood pencils as well as a line of neon erasers that are ideal for keeping kids engaged in the classroom setting.

Design and artwork erasers

Several erasers, such as those from Prismacolor® and Sargent Art®, let you remove graphite, charcoal, pastels, chalk, and even India ink from professional work ranging from specs to art. Some even work on material like leather and fabrics. The erasers have different compositions, including vinyl and artgum.

Rounding out the selection of alternative correction media are dry-erase board erasers, combo dry-erase and chalkboard erasers, combo charcoal and chalk erasers, and mechanical pencil eraser refills.

Look at this versatile range of correction media that is available and have each on hand for all workplace, academic, or studio environments that may require fixing documents, designs, and artwork into a final, presentable form.

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