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With a readily available pencil sharpener, you never have to worry about dull writing or drawing tools. There's an extensive selection of sizes and designs to choose from, to coordinate with desk space and personal style. It's an indispensable home, office, and school accessory that is conveniently portable, and helps extend the durability of pencils and crayons.

A pencil sharpener is a classroom essential

With a great amount of school work not done in ink, there should be plenty of pencil sharpeners in the classroom. They're typically on the annual supply list for students and, along with multiple packages of Ticonderoga® pencils, are an essential product for teachers. Depending upon space, you can set up a steel wall-mounted or tabletop crank-handled sharpener, or an electric one, featuring auto-shut and overheat protection. Small plastic sharpeners, with or without screw-on lids, should be kept on hand for individual needs. They also make nice party favors and are an excellent addition to class reward chests.

Pencil sharpeners keep sketching tools in prime condition

When you're sketching something with colored pencils, you don't want to have to stop just because their points dull and there's no sharpener. Keeping one with art supplies is a practical way to always be ready to work on projects. Some sharpeners have variably sized holes designed to hone charcoal and graphite pencils, while others are designed for crayons. Selections include AC-powered or battery-powered models. Some are composed of recycled materials, while others include an eraser or replacement blades.

Popular brand name sharpeners

Whether you only need one type of sharpener for your pencils, or both manual and electric, these are some of the top manufacturers to choose from:

  • Bostitch®
  • Charles Leonard
  • Maped USA
  • Quill Brand®
  • Staedtler
  • Swingline®
  • Tacro
  • The Pencil Grip™
  • Westcott®
  • X-ACTO™

Place a pencil sharpener near other everyday desk supplies

One of the most appealing features of pencil sharpeners is that they comfortably fit in drawers and desk organizers, and don't take up much room on tables. When browsing inventories at Quill, pick up the other supplies necessary for common tasks. Stock up on copy paper, file folders, tape, and fasteners, and set up a cup with mechanical pencils, markers, and pens. Place wall sharpeners near a cabinet, shelf, or basket, so extra items are easily accessible.

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