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Keep distilled water on hand for use in dehumidifiers and for diluting concentrated cleaning supplies. Carry distilled water for drinking and personal hygiene purposes when camping or hiking. Choose from personal sized distilled water bottles, or purchase recyclable gallon jugs to use at stores that offer eco-friendly refill options.

Distilled water is hydrating

While distilled water doesn’t contain the minerals present in most purified water options, it’s equally beneficial for hydration. The minerals added during purification are more for flavor than added health benefits. Using distilled water for drinking doesn’t mean having to give up the benefits of sports drinks or purified water. For extra hydration and increased taste, select distilled water with electrolytes, to replace the water lost during sports or high levels of activity.

Distilled water for drinking

When users don’t require the carbonation, flavors, and minerals found in sparkling water or purified water, they still have some choices when it comes to distilled options and health benefits. Some manufacturers offer distilled water packed with antioxidants and electrolytes. One popular brand of water that uses enhanced vapor distilled water is Glaceau SmartWater®. Quill carries other brands of distilled water for drinking, including:

  • Nestle®
  • Poland Spring®
  • Arrowhead®

Like many flavored water options, distilled water comes in plastic bottles, and bottled water has a long shelf life so it stays fresh for many years, as long as it stays sealed.

Distilled water goes beyond drinking

Carrying a gallon of distilled water in a vehicle can save it from possible damage in the event of an overheating radiator. Pour some water in the reserve to cool the vehicle and help get it to the nearest mechanic or gas station. This is better when done with distilled water whenever possible because it doesn’t cause mineral or limescale buildup. Mechanics also use it to maintain water levels in lead-acid batteries. Make sure you use protective clothing that includes goggles and know the appropriate quantities before attempting any battery repair. Household items like dehumidifiers and steamers benefit from distilled water because it doesn’t cause mineral deposits that can build up and damage the machines.

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