Client appreciation this Christmas – gift basket

Client appreciation this Christmas – gift basket

What makes you happier than a basket full of goodies? Here are five, affordable gift basket ideas to show your appreciation to your clients this Christmas, as well as their expected costs:

Note: The costs mentioned here are not definite and are subject to change depending on what products you choose.

Fruit, Wine and Cheese Baskets

Average cost: $70.00

Wine and cheese are notoriously known as a great pairing. Fresh fruit, edible arrangements or even chocolate covered fruit make this basket quite refined and complete. Look at the options below for ideas you may want to include:

  • Whole fruits of your choice or an edible arrangement.
  • An assortment of cheeses which pair well with your selected bottle of wine.
  • A bottle of wine wrapped in its own cheerful, professional or executive wine bag.
  • Let’s not forget the personalized holiday card.

Snack and Pastry Baskets

Average cost: (5 snack items in varying quantities) $30.00

If you are doing multiple snack and pastry baskets you may want to buy snack items in bulk as one box or pack will be more than enough product for multiple baskets consequently, saving you money.

Prepacked snack baskets

Custom Branded Merchandise Baskets

Average cost: (5 items) $34.50

Providing merchandise to clients has long been practiced as it doubles as a marketing strategy. By branding, high use items the client is constantly reminded of your services. The items you can include in this basket are not limited to:

Executive Gift Baskets

Average cost: (5 items) $300.00

In the event where you have large portfolio executives as clients, this basket is ideal. The Executive gift basket may include:

Mix and Match Baskets

Average cost: $40.00

Can’t decide on which basket selection to choose? Why not mix and match products from all categories? Of course, the choice is yours as to what you mix and match but just as an example:

Presentation, Wrapping and Delivery

Average cost: $5

Show your clients that you have put effort into the baskets by adding a personal touch.