How to increase productivity with your choice of office furniture

How to increase productivity with your choice of office furniture

Your employees are phenomenal and their work is top-notch. As an office manager or administrative assistant, you have a responsibility to make the workplace the best it can be! Providing the office with quality furniture can go a long way in increasing productivity and boosting employee morale.

Comfort Is Key

A poorly-designed office chair is the downfall for any great employee. Putting out quality work means sitting in a quality chair every single day and not having to worry about how this impacts your results. Stiff, over-used and awkward office furniture makes employees feel under appreciated. Eventually, this will take great work to its bare minimum. Instead of comfort fueling the productive fire, discomfort will take hold and the quality of work will suffer.

As an office manager, you should provide employees with furniture they look forward to utilizing. Ditch the holey, itchy relics and replace them with ergonomically sound furniture. Ensure that it’s comfortable enough to sit in for hours at a time, but don’t make it too comfortable. Recliners and beanbags will not encourage productivity – just impromptu naps in the office!

Furniture Should Enhance Organization

Furniture Should Enhance Organization

A desk should be large enough to hold the mass of paperwork constantly circulating through the office space. Disorder is a form of distraction that will leave employees pulling out their hair. Filing cabinets and organizational cubbies are a must if you want to keep everything in order. Provide enough storage space to keep papers tucked away safely. Loose papers will get lost in the flurry, and an important document could be used to soak up spilled coffee. Yikes!

Furniture Sets the Mood for Your Employees

Offices should reflect the tone of the company you represent. Depressing, dull pieces of furniture make your employees dull and depressed. Spice up the workplace by adding some color to the office furniture. A lack of color is drab and boring, but too much color can conflict with productivity and enhance moods you might not want to see in your employees.

Reds and yellows are good as furniture accents. Green promotes relaxation and is best suited for the breakroom. Blue is great for the office space — it provides a sense of tranquility and is known to increase productivity. Consider what type of company you are when choosing furniture. A tech company is best suited for top of the line, modern furniture — but that could throw off a more traditional business.

Quality over Quantity

Grey Office Chairs

Too much furniture can create a sense of chaos in a workplace. Rather than keeping a plethora of terrible office furniture, invest in quality furniture that will enhance the ergonomics of the office space. Too much furniture can add clutter, especially if it is not quality furniture. Having a few select quality pieces of furniture around will improve the mood of your employees and ultimately create a productive environment. Show your employees that you value quality by investing in comfortable ergonomic chairs.

Light It Up

An office space is by no means a cubicle cave filled with worker bats. Shed some light on employees by arranging desks and workspaces around large windows. Poor lighting causes fatigue and will strain the eyes. Don’t let your employees trip in the dark, either. Work on getting quality indoor lighting to keep the office bright and brilliant.

Making the right choices for attractive, comfortable pieces of office furniture can not only enhance the ambiance and décor of your workplace, it can spur employees to be more productive during their time in the office. You can’t go wrong with investing in quality pieces of furniture to encourage comfort and organization among employees. Choose with your budget and office aesthetic in mind and the rest will fall into place!