Train new hires quickly with these tips

Train new hires quickly with these tips

Knowing a few training tips and tricks can help make a new employee’s first few weeks go as easily as possible. Whether you provide formal employee training for a position or let an individual learn on their own, there are a few best practices to make the process a simple one.

Start with the buddy system

Assign a buddy or an individual to help the latest member of the team transition into a new position. Not only does this make senior team members feel valued, but it also fosters a sense of comradery between the new hire and other employees. Encourage the buddy to introduce the new team member to other employees.

It’s also a good idea to create a list of contacts with pictures to go with the names on paper or poster board, as it makes it easier for a new employee to learn who everyone is. Assigning a fellow team member or coworker is more approachable for a new employee than management, making it a more comfortable experience. If possible, allow someone within the same department or the person who last did the job to help train the new employee. Someone who’s been in the position knows all the secret tricks to get the job done.

Begin new hire training with a tour

Provide a tour on the first day of training so the new employee knows where everything is, including the lesser-known areas like the security office and company mail room. Show the person the break room and bathrooms, and provide hints and tips, such as the best time to take a coffee break and grab something to eat or drink from the snack bar. If the person feels at home, learning the job becomes easier, so be sure to familiarize them as soon as possible.

Start employee training slowly

It takes time to learn everything that pertains to a work position. Help ease first day or first-week jitters by starting them slowly and increasing their load over time. Use the first day for introductions and to fill out the necessary paperwork and forms. If the company requires on-the-job training, assign simple tasks that are easy to accomplish to help encourage new workers. Be sure to acknowledge the different skill levels of recent hires and adjust training methods accordingly.

Make management available during new hire training

As management, check in with the latest employees every couple of days to see how they’re doing and if they need anything. Ask for feedback on the position and if there is anything difficult or too easy. Provide positive feedback on a job well done or focus on encouraging behaviors.

Provide rewards during employee training

Set realistic goals and once met, provide recognition, schedule a company dinner, reward everyone with a catered lunch, or simply acknowledge the job well done. Express appreciation to the mentor for providing support and celebrate the success of the team to make recent hires feel they belong.

Training the latest employees on how the company does business and how to function well in a job takes time and effort. By following a few training tips, you can help ensure a smooth transition and make new employees want to stay.