High tech must-haves for the small business owner

High tech must-haves for the small business owner

Every year, new and exciting innovations are made to enhance the way we work. This list comprises some of the best new must-haves for the modern business owner.

The Wattup Router

Capable of charging devices, this uses Bluetooth and RF to deliver power to tablets, phones, and other compatible devices within a 10-15 foot range. It’s even able to prioritize items that are lowest on battery power. The only drawback is that any new device must be adapted to WattUp’s technology, meaning there may be a delay for newer phones.

TrackR Bravo

You probably want the ability to track merchandise and company property. The TrackR Bravo is a tiny attachable disk that can be put on virtually anything. If the item is within 100 feet, you locate it using the alarm activated by the accompanying app.  If the item that needs to be located isn’t within range, the device tracks using a cloud.

SkyBell HD Wi-fi Video Doorbell

Any small business runs the risk of an employee being alone in the office. To ensure employee safety as well as the integrity of the business, use this gadget to see who’s at the door. This video doorbell lets you see, hear and speak to visitors before you let them in. The 1080p camera offers night vision, motion sensor and live alerts. Install it today for ultimate peace-of-mind for you and your employees.

Thinkware Dash Cam F750

Any business that employs drivers or delivery vehicles will love this gadget. These dash cams have front and rear facing cameras which record the drive in 1080p HD. Images can be transferred immediately to your phone or device and there’s GPS and road safety warning systems.

Mr. Coffee Smart Wi-Fi-Enabled WeMo

This device makes mornings a little easier.  The coffee brewing process can begin remotely!  Additional perks include a notification sent when brewing supplies are running low and a message sent to your phone when you enter your workplace, asking if you’d like a cup.

Sengled Lightbulbs

These bulbs come with smart control – meaning you can change settings though a button on the bulb or wirelessly with a home control. Super long life span and gives off 600 lumens of light. Ideal for living rooms, dens, bedrooms and for comfort lighting at the office. Plus, these bulbs allow you to play streamed music and media apps anywhere there’s a light socket!

Vysk QS1

Protect your business’ intellectual data stored on your phone with this special case. It encrypts your calls, texts, photos, and videos from would-be hackers. The cases even make it impossible for prying eyes to use your phone’s camera to spy on you.

BitDefender Total Security

This downloadable product gives you the BEST protection against malware across all platforms. BitDefender Total Security comes with the ability to create your own account, so you can easily manage all of your devices from one place. Get peace-of-mind by keeping your platforms protected – even against sophisticated ransomware.

Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch with TaskWatch

This amazing watch keeps your entire team on point with their tasks.  These wearable devices use a specialized online platform to allow work tasks to be relayed between devices in real time.  To-do lists could not get any easier.

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