How to Promote an Event Using Social Media

How to Promote an Event Using Social Media

Knowing how to promote an event often determines the successful outcome of the campaign. A social media promotion reaches a greater number of interested people and makes correspondence between the host and the prospective visitors easier. Turn any idea into a successful event with a wide variety of products from Quill.

Choosing a social media network

There are several social media platforms that reach different demographics. The company industry and type of promotion offered may be more effective on certain platforms than others. It’s also possible to share news about the event across all platforms to reach interested parties. When interacting online, it’s a good idea to ensure a company’s anti-virus and security software is up to date to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. Tailor the content to each specific platform for best results. For example, Twitter® requires short messages, while LinkedIn® should have a professional tone.

  • Instagram® – An image-laden platform that works well for brand name and well-known products.
  • Facebook® – Makes it possible to engage followers, send private messages, target specific message groups, and generate paid promotions to reach a greater number of interested parties.
  • LinkedIn – Excellent for business-to-business interactions and reaching other professionals and influencers.
  • Twitter – Helps build excitement among followers for a special event or promotion by using hashtags.
  • Snapchat® – Ideal for younger audiences and products and services that appeal to younger consumers.

Planning an online promotion

Start by creating an effective hashtag for the event. Regardless of which social media platform a company uses, a hashtag makes it easier for individuals to learn what’s happening. A hashtag also helps generate buzz, makes it easier for others to share information, and can help boost attendance. Keep the hashtag simple, relevant, and easy to remember to ensure it’s shared. Craft the content about the event carefully. Make sure it’s engaging and conversational but not overly salesy to help highlight the fun aspect.

Use video editing software to string together a highlights reel of past events to get people interested in attending. Choose flattering and fun images and videos, and tag the people in the reel if possible, which in turns shares the highlights with a greater number of people. Engage in conversations with past attendees to encourage chatter about prior occasions to see if they plan on attending again. Add the date to shared online calendars and other work calendars to ensure everyone knows when and where.

Selling tickets for an event promotion

Include links to purchase tickets in social media posts. Be specific about the location, time, and type of event so social media platforms like Facebook can help promote the activity. The ticket link should be front and center. Choose applications that make it possible to sell tickets directly off social media platforms.

Social media offers an excellent platform to promote a company event. By using an internet connection and knowledge of how each social media site works, a company may reach a greater number of interested individuals and can create a buzz quickly and efficiently. Quill offers a wide variety of office supplies and software programs to help plan and organize all types of company promotions.

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