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Wagging in the workplace: Benefits of pets at work

Over the past two decades, pet ownership has been on a consistent upward trend. In fact more than two thirds of all U.S. households have pets, which equates to a whopping 84.6 million households. But at the same time, a whole lot of us work 40 or more hours—typically away from home. So what about all those pets? The corporate world is starting to take notice. While it’s not the norm (an estimated 7 to 11 percent of U.S. pet owners are allowed to bring their pet to work), the future of pet-friendly policies looks promising. Research suggests pet-friendly workplaces can improve employee retention, boost morale and productivity, decrease stress, increase employee reaction, and more. Before you allow pets in your workplace, check out our tips for creating and managing a successful pet-friendly policy below.

Wagging in the workplace: Benefits of pets at work

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