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Pet Supplies & Accessories

Want to know more about Pet Supplies & Accessories

Pet accessories for dogs and cats

Treat cats and dogs of all sizes and breeds with practical accessories and pet food supplies from Quill. Animals tend to be hungry and seeking treats all the time, so there's an array of healthy foods available for your furry friends. Consider biscuits and snack sticks, which are a part of the expanded assortment which also offers leashes, pet play accessories, and collars. Choose a toothbrush to maintain a dog's dental hygiene at all times, ensuring they'll be able to gnaw on bones and other snacks for a long time. Pet towels feature microfiber materials to absorb the maximum amount of fluids and particles after long walks with a favorite pet.

Pet grooming supplies with details

Having a pet clean and dry is essential for all dog or cat owners, especially if they have them indoors. There are pet towel products available to solve that problem easily. Consisting of materials like PVA and polyester, super-absorbent pet towels dry off cats and dogs quickly after they've been out in the rain or enjoying jumping into and rolling in puddles. Pet towels are machine-washable for easy cleaning, so they're always ready for reuse. These unique pet accessories also pick up hair from dogs and cats, so there's less hair around the house such as on furniture or the floor.

Features of pet leashes and collars

Pet ID bands are vital pet supplies for all dog and cat owners since some local laws require that they be wearing one with the house address when in public. Choose from several ID bands with useful features:

  • Adjustability - adjust an ID band depending on the pet's size
  • Adhesive tabs - they allow pet owners to connect two bands for larger animals
  • Complimentary black marker for writing down the owner's name and address
  • Several available color choices

Opt for models with 500 bands in a pack which is ideal for ID band supplies in shelters and owners with many pets.