5 last-minute gift ideas for your colleagues or boss

5 last-minute gift ideas for your colleagues or boss

If you haven’t already noticed, Christmas is just around the corner. You’re likely panicking at this point if you haven’t finished shopping yet, especially if you have an office party to go to.

While it’s tempting to opt for the easiest option and get your boss or colleague a gift card, it’s also very clear that little thought or care went into it. To avoid feeling like the office Grinch, here are five last-minute gift ideas for someone at the office.

  1. Super cute desk accessories

    Years ago, It would seem like a total prank if you got someone a pack of pens for a holiday gift. Times have changed though, and so have the look, style, and quality of desk accessories and supplies. Many big-name designers have also jumped on this bandwagon and have created lines of cute office supplies for those with fancier tastes.

  2. For example, Cynthia Rowley has rose-gold pens and staplers as well as dark floral-print folders and notebooks. Even something as simple as a ream of paper has been upgraded for those who care deeply for aesthetics.This is the perfect gift idea for: The person in your office who is into list making, notebooks, organization and personalization of their desk area. If you notice special pens or notebooks they bring in from home, then cute desk accessories are the way to go with this person.
  3. Adult coloring books

    Woman enjoying adult coloring book

    Coloring books have recently gained notoriety as an anxiety-reducing tool for adults. Some people even use coloring books as a form of focused meditation and time for reflection. Outside of the newfound benefits of a coloring as an adult, they’re a fun gift to give—and one that won’t break the bank. Bonus points on thoughtfulness if you also give a set of colored pencils with the book.

    This is the perfect gift idea for: Almost everyone. If you’re giving this to someone in jest, pick an adult coloring book with a funny scheme. If you know someone in the office is into mindfulness, a Mandala coloring book is a better option. Either way, it’s a fun gift and something everyone could love.

  4. Fancy coffee maker

    Your office likely already has a coffee maker of some kind, but maybe an upgraded coffee machine is just the way to go. It’s a very clear way to say “Thank you, I’m thinking of you, and happy holidays”. If the person you’re giving this to has their own office, they’ll enjoy being able to pick and choose what to brew and when.

    This is the perfect gift idea for: Your boss or colleague who absolutely loves coffee. Since this is not considered a small gift, think of the person in your office who has either helped you the most or you want to impress.

  5. Sweets, treats and baskets

    Homemade panettone Christmas cake

    It’s hard to go wrong when you decide to appeal to somebody’s sweet tooth. Tasty treats and holiday baskets are always welcome! Though it’s not an entirely original idea, sweet treats like panettone guarantee a little dopamine hit for the recipient, and can be bought at the very last minute if need be. For an extra dose of thoughtfulness, find out what their favorites might be and choose from there.

    This is the perfect gift idea for: Anyone who loves getting food, cookies, or sweets, at the office and who is NOT on a dietary restriction of any kind. The last thing you want to do is buy a basket of cookies for someone you know is trying to lose weight—or worse, someone with food allergies. Make sure you have the recipient’s restrictions in mind.

  6. Funny gag gifts and toys

    If you have a large office or group of people you want to give a little something to, toys and gag gifts may be just the thing. Most fun little trinkets and toys come in a set so you can buy enough for a group without stressing over funds. If you want an extra impact with something small like this, pick a theme that matches what your company does for work. For example, sticky lizards if you worked at a certain gecko-themed insurance company.

    This is the perfect gift idea for: A really large office. If you have a ton of people in your office and don’t want anyone to feel left out, you’ll need a lot of gifts. Unless you have an unlimited budget, smaller toys and trinkets are a fun and funny way to give a little something to the entire office gang.

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