5 quick ways to create a vibrant workspace

5 quick ways to create a vibrant workspace

According to a Gallup, the typical “40-hour” workweek is actually longer than that:

Adults employed full time in the U.S. report working an average of 47 hours per week, almost a full workday longer than what a standard 5-day, 9-to-5 schedule entails. In fact, half of all full-time workers indicate they typically work more than 40 hours, and nearly 4 in 10 say they work at least 50 hours.

With all that time spent in one place, most employees could probably benefit from a more vibrant workspace. But how do you create a space that encourages a happier, healthier you but still facilitates productivity?

  1. Change up the walls

    An easy way to update for a more stimulating workspace is to add some fun elements to the walls. There are so many “do-it-yourself” ways to add interest to otherwise plain walls.

    Washi tape is easy to add and can be removed without damaging the paint. Available in many different colors and patterns, washi tape is extremely versatile, allowing you to create everything from a cityscape outline to geometric shapes. Over The Big Moon has a roundup of 20 ideas to fuel your inspiration.

    Clipboards are another way to bring color, vibrancy, and motivation to any workspace. Hang them on the walls in a grid. You could also buy some fun prints on Etsy or search for free printables on Pinterest. Add some quotes or motivational messages, and easily change them out after a month or two to switch things up.

    woman writing concept on office wall

    For a semi-permanent option, you could get together as an office and draw on the walls… No, really! This is a fun team-building project that will continue to bring joy after it’s finished. You can use paint or even Sharpies. If your office is a bit artistically challenged, there are always stencils and decals. And if it goes terribly wrong, there is always paint to cover it up and start again.

    Not sure about the DIY route? You could also invest in some wall art to take your office decor to the next level.

  2. Create a playroom

    Have an empty conference room or office just sitting there? Turn it into a fun place for some adult play. The LEGO office in Denmark has a wonderful playroom, but you do not have to be in the toy-design business to steal this idea. Google goes so far as to have putt-putt on the roof, but you don’t have to be up to Google’s standards either.

    Simply having some creative thinking games with some bean bag or ball chairs can present an engaging space to bring vibrancy back to the office. If you want to put Lego in the room, go for it. The whole office can work on building something together during breaks. You can add a Zen area for some midday stretching and yoga too.

  3. Accessorize

    When setting up the office, you sometimes forget about accessories. While these may not be as practical as, say, a desk, they can bring more joy to any space. Accent chairs welcome visitors and can add style and color. They are also great to have around when you need additional seating for meetings.

    Rugs are another wonderful office accessory. They can warm up cold areas and may even help with noise reduction while adding a bright, interesting touch.

    Lighting, too, is hugely important to create a more inviting space. Adding floor lamps in darker areas can help everyone stay lively and focused.

    And don’t forget the plants! Greenery makes any space feel more vibrant as you tap into the power of nature. If no one is up for constant watering, you can always go artificial.

  4. Open things up

    When a space is cluttered with cubicle after cubicle, it can be hard for everyone to invigorate themselves. Things feel closed and cumbersome. Moving furniture around for more openness, creating collaborative opportunities and letting the energy flow freely.

    open office space

    Mobile furniture makes moving the office around easier and allows you to keep changing things until you find a setup that works. Don’t forget to balance public and private working areas so everyone feels comfortable and productive.

  5. Theme it

    Is there a great theme that fits what your company is all about? You can brainstorm themes from movies, TV shows, books, games, and more. Get super creative and have fun with this one. You could create a cohesive theme throughout the space or different themes for different rooms or areas.

    From surf to space, the sky’s the limit. You can go all out from the floor to the ceiling or just add a splash of themed elements. Check out some themed offices for ideas, and don’t forget to choose your colors wisely.

Ready to try these ideas for a more vibrant office? Let us know which one you are most excited about in the comments.