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If the concept of sitting on a ball at work may sound kind of strange to some people at the outset, they soon come to appreciate all the benefits it brings to the office environment. Stability ball chairs fit particularly well in modern, dynamic and innovative work environments, and can help with posture and balance. You’ll have fun just discovering the different models we’ve lined up! Read More

Ball chairs: a new and novel idea

If you've never come across ball chairs, your first encounter with them will fill you with a feeling of curiosity combined with a clear impression that this is an uncanny stroke of genius. Basically, ball chairs are big soft balls that you sit on. But where is the actual genius part?

Well, they're essentially made of a large exercise ball and a frame to put it in, and they're really getting to be popular in modern, tech-forward environments, as well as with people who are into fitness and well-being. Note that they're of special interest to those who spend their whole day in front of a computer.

Active seating has its benefits...

There are lots of benefits to using stability ball chairs, and here are just some of them.

In a few words, it can be said that they tend to keep you fit, since they force you to change positions all the time and are essentially keeping you active throughout the day, with obvious physical benefits. Since balls are not stable, they're causing your body to realign itself all the time, so they're forcing proper spine alignment, helping you with your posture, thereby helping to reduce back pain. At the same time, they're helping you with your balance.

Since you're sitting on something that's used for physical fitness, chances are, you'll use it periodically during your workday to do mini-workouts. Moving improves all-around circulation and prevents you from getting numb when you're going at it for hours on end. It's been said that they can make you burn several hundred calories per day. Nobody's against that either!

Reputed brands, smartly designed stability ball chairs

Your key players in the ball chair arena are Safco and CanDo, both of which are reputable and renowned suppliers of office furnishings.

Safco comes to you with two families of elegant ball chairs, one with sturdy steel legs, the other with an integrated swivel base. Both feature anti-burst fabric-covered balls. Presented in several attractive colors, they're a great choice for employees, waiting areas, and more.

For its part, CanDo offers up an ergonomic seating system that combines an exercise ball with the convenience of a chair base. Casters will help you glide on carpets or hard surfaces.

More novel ideas for your comfort

It's important to note that ball chairs aren't necessarily intended to be used all day long. Instead, they can be a component part of a healthy mix of sitting, standing and movement throughout the work day. In order to achieve that balance—and give your people some much-appreciated variety—you might want to consider standing desks too. These handy contraptions can go from height-adjustable tables to highly sophisticated sit-stand workstations that will elevate to adjust to however you decide to work. Some are stand-alone desks while others attach to the desks you already have (in conjunction with a ball chair, perhaps), making it easy to bring modern ergonomics to your office environment.

Of course, we couldn't possibly talk about workplace comfort without mentioning our extensive range of back support products, as well as our fine collection of elegant and really comfortable lounge chairs. After all, who says the workplace can't be cosy?

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