Ideas & tips for your next summer company picnic

Ideas & tips for your next summer company picnic

When nice weather rolls around, there’s nothing employees want more than to spend a day outside, basking in the sun. Instead of fighting this spring fever, why not make it a team-building exercise by planning a company picnic? A company picnic is a great way to boost morale, encourage employee bonding and give people a break from their day-to-day routines. Here are some tips to help you plan your office’s next day of fun in the sun:

Set Goals

First, ask yourself, “What do I hope to accomplish by planning a company picnic?” Having clear goals from the outset will make sure that you and your employees have a great time. Make sure your goals aren’t in conflict with the activities you plan. For instance, if the goal is to give your employees some time to relax, do not plan too many rigorous team-building exercises. If your goal is to get people talking about their objectives for the upcoming quarter, make sure to plan activities that are structured enough to facilitate these conversations.

Gather Supplies

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your picnic only to discover that someone forgot to pack the ketchup, but picnic forgetfulness can extend far beyond condiment emergencies. Think beyond food and activities, and make sure to bring everything you need so that the picnic is comfortable and convenient. Remember, your fellow employees will be hanging out in the sunshine for at least a few hours. An outdoor canopy will keep everyone at a comfortable temperature and give them a shaded place to take a break from the hot sun. A wheeling trash can will make sure that nobody has to haul a smelly bag of trash over their shoulder at the end of a tiring day. Good planning and a well-packed car will help to ensure the day runs as smoothly as possible.

Send Invites

Obviously, everyone who works in your office should be invited to the company picnic, but make sure to think carefully about your guest list beyond just your full-time staff. Include other people who are integral to the functioning of your business, like freelancers, part-time employees, interns, and remote staff. Inviting these employees to the picnic will make them feel more integrated into your operation and make your team feel more united.

If the company picnic theme is not centered around team-building, consider allowing staff to invite their families. Though this will increase the cost of hosting the picnic, facilitating an opportunity for employees to know more about each other’s lives will ultimately help your team grow closer together.

Get the Team Involved

When it comes to the actual specifics of picnic planning, those details should be determined based on the input of your team. Every company has a unique character, and the only way to plan a picnic that will be truly enjoyable is to source company picnic ideas from the actual people who make the company great. Ask your employees to fill out a survey for company picnic ideas, and try to include a mix of suggestions that are structured and unstructured.

Even if your picnic is just a simple affair with hot dogs and good conversation, your employees will surely enjoy the chance to get out of the office and into the great outdoors.