Celebrating national receptionist day at the office

Celebrating national receptionist day at the office

Your receptionist may be the first face office visitors see when they walk through your company’s door, but receptionists are more than just a pretty face. Welcoming guests isn’t the only role fulfilled by today’s receptionists. As technology evolves, the role of this member of your team changes every day, and what better way to show appreciation for his or her flexibility than by celebrating National Receptionist Day on May 13th?

Show Some Love for Receptionists

It used to be that the primary task of the receptionist was to greet guests and make them comfortable, but today’s receptionists work in many different capacities. Receptionists today do everything from providing security and welcoming guests to bookkeeping and completing administrative tasks. Some receptionists wear two hats at once, also fulfilling another role in the company such as administrative assistant or office manager. In an increasingly competitive employment marketplace, it is important to show appreciation for your employees frequently, whether they occupy a place at the top of the corporate ladder or function in a supportive role.

There are many ways to honor your receptionist on National Receptionist Day in 2015. The most obvious way to say thank you is through gift giving. There are myriad options when it comes to choosing Receptionist Day gifts. Give your receptionist something to make his or her job easier, like a convenient sticky note set. Or consider giving a gift such as a photo frame to encourage a personalized workspace.

Make it Personal

Of course, receptionists aren’t all work and no play. Perhaps the most personal gift you can give is something that shows you truly know the recipient of the gift. What do you know about your receptionist? Does he/she love cooking? Is he/she really into fitness or crafts? A gift that your employee can enjoy on the weekends will demonstrate that you respect him/her not only as a member of your team but also as a well-rounded person outside of work. Consider giving something like a gift card so that your employee can choose something he/she has  wanted.

You can also show appreciation for your receptionist by encouraging members of your team to express their gratitude for support staff on this special day. Draft a handwritten note to your receptionist articulating how he or she makes your day easier. Think about big-picture ideas, like how your receptionist is vital to the operation of the company overall. Small courteous gestures such as these can go a long way.

Remember, the receptionist manages your office visitors’ first and last impressions. Express gratitude on this special day, but also remember to do all you can year round to make your receptionist feel like a member of your 9-to-5 family.

What do you do to say thanks to your office support staff? Tell us in the comments below!