Corporate event ideas: office tailgate party

Corporate event ideas: office tailgate party

The crisp chill in the air and the changing of the leaves can only signify one thing – it’s tailgating season!  Unfortunately, tailgating season directly conflicts with working season. When life gives you lemons though, make some lemonade.

A corporate tailgate can be a very effective team-building activity for employees, as well as a way to get together outside of work.  Fun corporate event ideas, like an office tailgate, allow coworkers to bond over drinks, food, and football, as some well-deserved R&R after a hard week.

Send out the office memo early to give your co-workers time to prepare. Whether they want to bring some food to the tailgating fest, or want to sport their favorite team colors, it’s a good idea to give everyone a heads-up. This way, you can bring the appropriate amounts of food and, as an added bonus, give your colleagues advance notice that they have something fun to look forward to.

While most tailgates are the traditional parking-lot-party outside of the local stadium, there are a ton of other great tailgating ideas you can try.

  • Tablegating — Your local watering hole can be more than just an after work happy hour spot. Most bars will offer group food-and-drink packages during football season (for both actual football and the fantasy variety).
  • Office Tailgate — Another indoor tailgating option is to keep the party local, as in, at your office. Give employees a good reason to stay there late by using your largest conference room (and the largest TV) to watch the big game.

Even the best corporate tailgate wouldn’t be complete without a few essential items and supplies.

  • Drinks — Alcoholic beverages are a part of most tailgates, but don’t forget to include some non-alcoholic options. Not everybody drinks, and your guests have to find their way home at some point, after all.
  • Grill — Hot dogs, hamburgers, and other tailgate food always taste better coming off of a grill. Whether you’re the designated grill-master or your tailgate is catered, a grill is an essential item.
  • Television — On some level, this is why everyone is here. In order to follow the action, you’ll need a quality TV for your pre and post-game party.

No matter what type of tailgate party you choose the throw, by picking the right location, stocking it with the right items, and most importantly, bringing people who want to have fun, your office tailgate is sure to be successful.