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13 creative home office desk ideas

  1. Whether you just made the decision to work from a home office or you’ve been working from home for decades, one of the most important fixtures in your home workspace is your desk.

    The right desk creates an aesthetic that helps you feel calm and comfortable as you work, and provides the functionality you need to be efficient and productive. In contrast, the wrong desk can hamper your productivity and make you feel grumpy or uncomfortable. So it’s critical to think carefully about your desk choice as you create a functional home office.

    Not sure where to start? Check out these 13 inspiring home office desk ideas.

    13 creative home office desk ideas

  2. Small home office desk ideas

    • Leaning desk

      Decrease your desk’s square footprint while embracing a modern aesthetic in the form of a leaning desk. Pair it with a stool if you don’t have room for a conventional desk chair.

    • Fold-out desk

      When it’s in use, a fold-out desk has all the space you need for a laptop, keyboard, notebooks, and planners. When you’re done working, simply fold it up for sleeker, less space-consuming storage. Some Murphy desk options even double as cabinets when they’re not in use, which offers extra storage space.

    • Hideaway cubbies desk

      At first glance these desks may look like a simple panel of wood. But look a little closer, and you’ll discover that the desk slides open in several places to reveal storage space for office supplies, chargers, tablets, and other electronics, etc. These creative desks can provide the storage space you need without taking up precious real estate on your floor or shelves.

    • Standing workstation

      Enjoy the health benefits of standing versus sitting and free up loads of floor space with a sleek standing desk. Standing desks can be freestanding or wall-mounted; the best choice for you will likely depend on your space constraints.

    • Transparent desk

      Large and/or heavy desks can make an already small room feel even smaller. In contrast, a see-through desk helps create the illusion of spaciousness. It won’t block any sightlines or feel too heavy in a small space.

    • Wall-mounted desk

      By mounting your desk on a wall, you ensure the desk is flush with the wall (thus saving room) and free up floor space that would otherwise be consumed by desk legs. Opt for a desk with under-desk drawers and a pull-out keyboard tray to maximize functionality.

  3. Home office corner desk ideas

    • Built-in desk

      If you need to fit your desk into a slightly irregular space, then a custom-made, built-in solution may be ideal. Built-in desks can be fitted to any wall shape and size so they seamlessly blend with your workspace’s aesthetic.

    • L-shaped desk

      The classic solution for corner offices, L-shaped desks help fill large spaces and add gravitas to any room. While L-shaped desks easily nestle into corners, don’t be afraid to let them stand proudly in the center of your office if you have the room.

    • Live-edge wood desk

      Looking for a statement piece for your corner office? Then invest in live-edge wood, which instantly elevates any workspace. If you can’t find many live-edge desk options, consider repurposing a live-edge kitchen or dining room table. Not only will a live-edge desk look great, but it should also provide ample workspace.

    • Wall unit desk

      If you’re in need of ample storage space, then mounting wall unit storage solutions is a great strategy. Pair that cabinetry with a wall-mounted desk that spans the length of the wall units. It will add symmetry and balance to any corner workspace.

  4. Home office desk ideas for two

    • Dual-sided desk

      As the name implies, a dual-sided desk is roomy enough for two work spaces so you and a partner can set up on opposite sides both enjoy ample square feet. As a bonus, a dual-sided desk means you don’t have to find room for two standalone desks.

      To ensure you don’t clutter up each other’s desk space, consider placing small sets of drawers underneath the desk (one for each of you) or adding small side tables to either side of the desk. You can also use overhead pendant lighting instead of desk lamps to free up even more room. Find yourself wanting more privacy? Then consider installing a divider in the center of the desk.

    • Matching desks

      If you have enough space for two desks in the same room, consider purchasing both desks in the same style and color. This creates balance and symmetry in the space. Personalize your workspaces with mismatched chairs and other desk accessories.

    • Paired L-shaped desks

      If sitting across from each other feels too invasive but sitting at opposite desks feels too lonely, consider butting two L-shaped desks against each other. Then you can both sit inside the resulting “U” shape and face in opposite directions. Voila: the best of both worlds.

  5. As you can see, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creative home office desk ideas. Whether you’re looking to outfit a tiny workspace, a capacious corner office, or an office that’s fit for two, let these ideas serve as inspiration for creating the desk—and office—that will provide you with both the form and function to get your work done well.
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