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Mail birthday cards to extend the customer service experience

Dare to revive the tradition of mailing birthday cards to your customers, patients or clients. It might increase their loyalty to your business.

Benefits of mailing birthday cards to customers

Whether your customers are shoppers of your products and services or patients of your medical practice, mailing birthday cards touches the emotions of the heart, both theirs and yours.

  • It keeps your business name nearby.
  • You’ll stand out because you took the time to mail it.
  • You’re communicating in a way that makes them feel special.

Ways to mail birthday cards to customers to extend the customer service relationship:

  1. Begin by asking about their birthday without sounding intrusive

    Send an email or letter asking for their birthday month only—not the day or year. State that you want to wish them happy birthday when the time comes around. You already have this information if you’re sending cards to patients.

  2. Hand write a message on the inside of the card to personalize it

    Here are some ideas for the inside of blank birthday cards.

    • Happy Birthday! Make it a great day! 
    • We’re wishing you well on your birthday!
    • We didn’t forget. Happy Birthday!
  3. Hand write your signature line for an authentic touch

    Sign business birthday cards because people can tell if it’s digitized. A few examples include:

    • Your friends at …
    • Your dentist, Dr…., D.D.S., and staff
    • Your name and the team at … 

    Note: Replace “…” with your business/physician’s office’s name, but hand write the entire line.

  4. Put your business name and address on the envelope

    Computer print, stamp, or hand write your business address on the envelope in the upper left hand corner. Right away, this lets customers know it’s from a business.

  5. Set up a calendar reminder system to alert you

    Use your email calendar feature to remind you of upcoming customer and patient birthdays. Alternatively, if you send out appointment reminders to patients and customers, it might also work for sending out environmentally friendly birthday cards, for example.

  6. Create a spreadsheet to keep the data

    In separate fields, list the customer’s last name, first name, birthday, and short description of the type of birthday card you sent, along with the date you mailed the birthday card. Somewhere on the spreadsheet, indicate where the cards are located in the office.

  7. Track feedback and measure the results

    Review the spreadsheet quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Note any changes after sending birthday cards.

    • Have patients kept their appointments more often?
    • Did customers purchase more products and services?
    • Was there an increase in referrals?
    • How many customers have remained loyal?
  8. Mail other types of greeting cards

    We celebrate Thanksgiving in November. Many people observe Christmas, New Year’s and other winter holidays too; therefore, to keep things fresh, alternate the type of holiday cards your business mails out to customers each year.

    The act of mailing a birthday card is sentimental. For businesses, the nostalgic gesture might also equate to long-term business relationships. Order in bulk and save.

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