How to use live videos to gain trust and attract customers

How to use live videos to gain trust and attract customers

Live videos are underutilized on social media by most office workers and small business owners. The truth is, they can help gain traction with your customers and potential clients, by allowing you to gain trust, demonstrate your expertise, and show that you care about what your customers need. Customers like to see who they are doing their business with and who they are purchasing from.

Live videos build trust because they help build a relationship with your audience without actually seeing them in person, meaning you can reach more people in a more interactive arena. Both of these actually help them feel as if they know the business on a personal level.

Do it often and regularly

To build trust and show that you care about your audience, you need to do live videos often and on a regular basis. Consistency is important in business especially when making live videos, because if you’re only doing them once in awhile, your customers and clients will not know what to expect. They need to know that you will keep coming back with quality content. So they’ll be more likely to do business with you.

Schedule your live videos

Scheduling your live videos on the pages or groups you manage will let your audience know when they need to show up and watch the video. Announce that you’ll be on live at a specific time, or in a certain amount of minutes, or even set timers on your page through BeLive ( With the timers, your audience will be reminded as it gets closer to time that you will be coming on to talk to them. Plus, even if they miss the live show, they can catch the replay later.

Make it an event!

Create an event on your page or in your group, give it a title and a time, add to the description that you will be doing a live video on a certain topic, and invite people. This adds excitement and anticipation to your video. Creating an event is super easy and since you can select people to invite to the event who are part of your audience, they’re more likely to see it.

Choose topics that apply to your business

Make sure you are choosing topics that apply to your business and audience. If you’re just doing live videos to do live videos, it will become apparent. However, if you’re giving them quality that they can actually use, they will know you are doing it to benefit them. Offer tips, advice, little tidbits from your business, or anything that applies to your area of expertise.

Talk without sounding scripted

Be friendly, and be real, with those who are watching. Use your videos to build a relationship with your audience, and that also means speaking in a real and friendly manner. You don’t have to be perfect and by all means, don’t make a script. Speak from the heart and hold a conversation with your audience. They need to know you are human, but that you are also caring and professional.

Other reasons to use live videos

First of all, videos are fun for both the host and the viewers. They are fun, exhilarating, and a great way for you to feel connected to your customers. You will better be able to serve them and help them with their needs.

Next, you’ll get more engagement on your page or group. People love to watch videos on their phones and tablets, which means they will be absorbing more of what you say, and will be even more compelled to do business with you. Even when they don’t leave comments, they are getting a message and being influenced by your message. You will also be able to keep track of how many views each of your videos gets in order to gauge which videos are having the biggest impact.

Finally, it is a great way to grow as a person in the business world as well as an individual. Live videos can be nerve wracking but you will learn and grow the more often you do them. So, it’s important to take the time to get used to doing them and find your footing so that you can have the most reach and impact. Videos are the hot social media trend, and you want to make sure to take advantage of that and use it to grow personally and professionally!

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