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The 19-inch computer monitors available at Quill are top-of-the line displays, built for working, gaming, graphic arts, and video entertainment. All are 19-inch LED computer monitors with LCD displays and offer 24-bit color depth with 16.7 million colors. Each 19-inch monitor offers high resolutions and contrast ratios, as well as fast response times.

19-inch monitors provide rich colors

The wide array of computer monitors in the marketplace offer various degrees of color depth and brightness. These 19-inch LED computer monitor screens use LCD widescreen panels, which means the screen colors have an array of liquid crystals. Light-emitting diodes illuminate these crystals from behind to create beautiful imagery. An assortment of monitor mounts and stands are available for these screens, allowing users to adjust their angle for an optimal viewing experience.

19-inch LCD monitors offer high dynamic color-contrast ratios. These ratios translate into true color renditions of the darkest black and the lightest white, making them ideal for graphic arts and gaming. An LCD monitor also helps maintain the color sharpness of images in a variety of lighting conditions.

19-inch LED computer monitors offer high resolutions

Along with a comfortable design, 19-inch display screens offer HD resolutions, as well as a large color palette. Most 19-inch widescreen monitors offer competitive response times, making them ideal for gaming. Many of the 19-inch screens offer a wide horizontal viewing angle of up to 170 degrees, and an elevated vertical viewing angle of up to 160 degrees. This provides consistent viewing angles throughout the display. For an immersive experience, widescreen displays are compatible with a variety of screen protectors and filters to block out ambient light.

Other hi-tech 19-inch computer monitor features

Many monitors offer a combination of ports for a variety of high-resolution video or audio peripherals. This includes DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA, and DVI inputs, as well as multiple USB ports. In addition, some 19-inch HDMI monitors also offer the following features:

  • Integrated 2 x 1 stereo speakers
  • Four-screen split functionality
  • High-refresh rates to eliminate screen flicker
  • Blue light filters to reduce eye strain

Check out Quill for the technical specifications of each of these widescreen monitors, including their high-tech add-ons. Find the one that’s best suited for your gaming, video, or graphic arts needs.

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