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2 line phone systems can allow offices to handle a larger volume of incoming calls. Opt for 2 line cordless phones to facilitate communication from anywhere in the office area. 2 line corded phones make customer service faster because team members can handle issues on multiple phone lines, and manage workflows better.

2 line phone systems integrate with other devices

Several 2 line cordless phones feature Bluetooth® connectivity, and can link with mobile phones. This lets users access more contacts at the press of a button. Some phone systems also connect with PCs, Lync®, VoIP, and Skype™, enabling users to receive more types of calls from one device. Backlit keypads and large buttons on some phones make them easier to operate, even in low light. Deploy devices that support headphone jacks in busy offices that handle many activities, allowing improved hearing for users, and better efficiencies.

2 line cordless phones for multitasking

Using cordless phones adds mobility for users, allowing them to handle tasks while looking for files, or finding information from other offices. Some options support 3-way conference calls, allowing faster service delivery, and resolution of challenges. When necessary, staff can set their phones to silent, for instance, when in meetings.

A 2 Corded phone with a loudspeaker allow teams to collaborate on conference calls. Reputable brands of phones to choose from include:

  • RCA
  • AT&T®
  • VTech®
  • Panasonic

Identify the best features to meet your business needs.

2 line business phones for superior customer service

The 2 line phones with caller ID allows the user to see who is calling, giving them the ability to pull up relevant information that further assists them. Some phone models offer automatic line selection, which instantly sends calls to the line that is not busy. This capability helps offices answer more calls and minimizes confusion. Phones that have the call transfer capability give users the option of transferring calls to someone with more authority or information. 

Other smart capabilities that come with some phones include blocking to stop robot calls. Some 2 line phones with answering machines record up to 40 minutes of calls and provide date and time stamps. These help businesses to attend to customers who may have called office phones over weekends to prioritize calls. The call waiting feature allows you to hold calls if a more urgent call comes in and attend to matters in order of priority.

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