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3-D Printers for Prototypes and Product Manufacturing

Build product prototype models and manufacture all sorts of objects on demand with 3-D printers. Check out a selection of printers with built-in replicators that print three-dimensional objects as you wait. Extrusion technology duplicates graphic designs with precision and transfers data via your company's Wi-Fi connection.

Whip up Prototypes in the Office Using 3-D Printing Technology

Find out if those innovative new product concepts are workable in the real world with the help of 3-D printers. Give your research and development team free rein to experiment with creating prototype models for possible manufacturing. Make product prototypes using ABS or PLA plastic filament to easily reproduce any number of designs.

Produce Consumer Goods on Demand

Design and build all sorts of useful products for your customers using 3-D printing technology. With 3-D printers on hand, your employees can fulfill orders on demand, which saves your company money on product storage costs. These printers are small, but can serve as powerful workhorses capable of making thousands of three-dimensional prints over hundreds of hours of operation. Innovative printers are designed with on-board cameras that allow employees to monitor the evolution of the object remotely. Choose models with dual- or smart-extrusion capabilities depending on your needs.

3-D Printers in Educational Settings

Spark the spirit of innovation in students by investing in classroom 3-D printers. Teachers can explain complex concepts, encourage creativity and stimulate new ideas with the help of these smart printers. Some 3-D printer models include a vast array of three-dimensional designs that students can print with the push of a button. Learning how to conceptualize, design and print 3-D objects is fun and educational for students of all ages.