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Tool Storage for Gear and Supply Organization

Channel your inner handyman while selecting just the right tool storage for your office. Whether you have a small maintenance staff with a modest tool collection or run a business with a warehouse that requires lots of tools, you can find the storage solutions you need. Mount shelves and cabinets for storage in the work space. Issue portable cases and toolboxes for employees who tinker on the go and need to take their tools with them. With storage for every tool, your staff always has a screwdriver, drill or ratchet within reach.

Keep Tools Organized in Work Spaces

If you've ever spent time searching for the screwdriver you know was just there or the hammer that vanished into thin air, you know how frustrating a disorganized work area can be. Save your maintenance or warehouse staff the time and frustration involved with trying to find their tools by providing them with storage solutions that fit the space. For workers who spend most of their time in a fixed spot, such as a workshop, a maintenance room or a warehouse work station, fixed storage options are ideal. Opt for locking units to prevent loss of expensive tools and gear. Mount a combination of storage solutions to the wall, so they stay in place securely. Top work surfaces with small shelves or units with small compartments for extra storage. Trademark Tools offers bench top racks for items such as nails and screws. Then set your staff free to arrange the tools within that storage that best suits the way they work.

Take Tools Where You Need Them

Not all tool-related work takes place in one spot. If your maintenance team services various areas of the office, include portable tool storage as part of your organizational plan. Technicians who travel to various locations to help clients also benefit from durable toolboxes and portable containers. Some units even have wheels on the bottom to help move those heavy tools to the work location. Expect a big thank you from your employees for springing for the wheels.

Think Outside the Toolbox

Think you don't need tool storage because you have a handyman on speed dial to outsource your maintenance work? Just because it's called a toolbox doesn't mean you should limit what you store inside. Many tool storage solutions work for things that definitely don't belong in a workshop. Use a storage compartment box to organize small office supplies, such as paper clips and rubber bands. Mount storage cabinets in the break room as a heavy-duty way to store supplies. Fill stackable wheeled tool cases with product samples, so your sales staff can easily tote them along on sales calls. Get a little creative, and you can find numerous uses for tool storage in your office, even if you never plan to lift a hammer.