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Training Room Tables for Functional Training Space

Training room tables anchor any work training space, whether you're training new employees or hosting continuing education classes for your seasoned staff. Two-person tables offer a manageable solution, providing enough work space for various training activities with the ease of rearranging the space. Pair the tables with your choice of comfortable seating, and you're ready for hours of training to lead your staff to the top.

Creating Training Work Spaces

What does training mean to your company? Is it presentation-style information sharing with employees taking notes? Do employees get up and involved in the action? Whatever the format of your workplace training sessions, one thing you need is a suitable work surface for each participant. Even if you don't require formal notes, some eager employees may want to take their own. If your training sessions tend to include hands-on activities, tables give you space to spread out the materials participants use for those activities. The tables also give employees a place to take any written tests that are part of the training.

Rearrange the Room at Will

Exercise your right to change your mind with the manageable size of two-person conference tables. If you plan to rearrange frequently, choose a conference table with sturdy casters on the legs. Want to push tables together to form one long table? Simply wheel them together, and you won't even break a sweat. Make a giant "U" shape with the tables to create an open area in the middle for demonstrations or role-playing work scenarios. Form rows of individual tables to encourage small group work and facilitate easy movement around the tables. The arrangements you make with versatile conference room tables is only limited by your imagination — and your available space.

Easy Maneuverability for Clearing the Room

Training is over, and now you want to use the space for something else. Clear the tables out of the room to take advantage of the open space. Many conference tables such as those from Flash Furniture fold up so the legs fit flat against the underside of the table. Lean the tables against a wall, or hide them away in a storage closet to use the room for something else. National Public Seating offers many conference tables made from lightweight plastic, so you don't have to hire a weightlifting pro to fold and store the tables.

Think Beyond Training

Be a rebel and use training tables for something other than training. The large, flat surfaces make the tables perfect for projects that require your employees to spread out materials or collaborate. Use them during conferences or open houses as seating for guests and display surfaces for your products and informational displays. Having a special recognition lunch or employee potluck? Use a few tables as serving areas for all the yummy treats. There's always a use for extra tables around the office, and conference tables work for many different settings.