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Western Digital® Hard  Drives

Protect your data Gain peace of mind knowing that your data is protected from unauthorized access with password protection and encryption Powered directly from the USB port on your PC; no separate power supply is needed Whenever you add or change a file it's instantly backed up Compatible with Windows® and Mac®

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Western Digital Hard Drives Protect Your Data 24/7

With Western Digital hard drives, employees don't have to remember to back up their computers. Attach one of these drives, and it stores changes automatically. Computer usage is confident and worry-free, because words, pictures, videos and music aren't lost due to human error, power outage or a wonky machine.

Easy Does It

Western Digital hard drives make saving computer data (almost) a no-brainer. Separate power supplies aren't necessary. An employee plugs the drive into a USB port, and it's good to go. No one has to remember to save, save, save. Without that nagging worry in the backs of their heads, employees are free to concentrate on their work completely. Once the hard drive is connected to a computer, updates occur whenever a user modifies or add files. The drive doesn't just store changes. It stores them fast.

Cover All Bases

Western Digital hard drives are compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. You don't have to be concerned about purchasing the wrong type for your business machines. Though these drives are formatted for Windows, Mac users simply have to follow directions to reformat them. This one-size-fits-all setup makes it so much easier to buy the right hard drive.

Safety First and Last

Western Digital hard drives even protect data from computer users themselves. If someone in the business accidentally deletes a file, there's no need to worry. It's not a catastrophe. The information has already been backed up on the drive. A few clicks retrieves the file, and everyone can get back to work. These hard drives store all kinds of data and never wipe out anything by mistake.

No Prying Eyes

Western Digital hard drives also guard against outsiders who are a little too interested in your business. The security system protects files, photos, videos and music. All information is fully covered by both password protection and encryption. The password process is simple: no password, no entry into the system. The powerful data encryption is the same type used to defend classified government documents.

Take Your Pick

All Western Digital hard drives have strong backup and security features, but there's still a little room for variety. Not every business has the same storage needs. We start with 500 GB and go up from there. Sure, 500 GB is a lot, but sometimes more is better, so these drives offer alternative storage locations. Your employees can, of course, save data on the hard drives, but they also permit use of Dropbox or a cloud service. If color matters to your employees, brighten up the workplace with a bold blue or berry drive, or keep it classic with silver, white or black. It's all about choices.