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Power Management to Protect Office Electronics

Power management with surge protector strips keeps office equipment running without the risk of damage to the machines. The expanded number of electrical outlets means you don't have to fight for a spot to plug in electronics, and protectors with cords give you more distances from the outlet for flexible arrangements. Surge protection prevents damage to electronics during power surges or lightning. Use power management at every workstation to keep all of your employees working efficiently.

Protect Office Electronic Equipment

Computers, printers, copiers -- you have a lot invested in electronic office equipment. One power surge or strike of lightning, and that investment gets zapped. Keeping those electronics functioning is crucial to business operation. Employees are often stuck with nothing to do if computers stop working. Plus you run the risk of losing information that wasn't saved prior to damage caused by a power surge. Save your company time and money for expensive repairs or replacements by investing in surge protector strips.

Expand Outlet Options

The standard two-plug electrical outlet doesn't cover much ground in the typical office environment. With multiple pieces of electronic equipment, your employees likely need additional outlets to cover everything. Surge protectors expand the number of outlets with anywhere from three to 15 outlets on one strip. Versions that plug directly into the outlet expand the number of outlets but don't give any additional length. Surge protectors with attached cords give your employees some flexibility in how they arrange their offices. The cord gives them a little distance from the outlet to spread their wings without missing out on the electrical connection.