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Laser Printers for Fast, Accurate Office Printing

Laser printers sail right through office print jobs, from small forms to massive reports. High resolution and the accuracy of lasers produce crisp, clear prints for professional results every time. Extra features, such as automatic duplexing, wireless connectivity and copying functions, turn your new laser printer into the go-to tool for anything print-related at the office. You might as well print yourself an "Employee of the Year" certificate for all the time and frustration the new laser printer saves your staff.

Increase Office Printing Efficiency

Does the office printer always have a line of people waiting for their print jobs to finish? Do you find yourself tapping your fingers on the side of the printer, willing it to just hurry up already? Is it painful to watch the printed pages slowly emerge from the machine? Standing around waiting for documents to print is a real time waster in the office environment, especially if multiple people share one printer. A co-worker's 200-page report can bottleneck the printing queue for the rest of the morning. Laser printers cut down on the printing traffic jams with speedy printing. Once warmed up, many laser printers kick out up to 40 pages per minute. Most come equipped with automatic duplexing, so your employees can save paper by easily printing double-sided documents. The toner in laser printers lasts a long time, so your employees don't get slowed down by ink cartridge changes. Add in the large capacity of the paper trays in most laser printers, and you have an efficient way to print all office materials, so your employees can move on to more important tasks than standing around the printer.

Produce Quality Prints for Professional Results

You want your clients to take you seriously. Part of that is the image you create through your office environment and materials you use. High-quality prints are just one way to show your clients you mean business. Laser printers use the accuracy of lasers to concisely recreate your document and all its fonts, lines and images. Expect clear, sharp prints thanks to high resolution. Leave blurred lines and inaccurate copies of your documents behind with a new laser printer for the office.

Combine Functionality for an All-in-One Experience

If a single-function laser printer isn't enough for your office, opt for an all-in-one unit that combines the efficiency of laser printing with the convenience of of a fax machine and copier. For small offices, a combination unit can typically handle the volume of printing, copying and faxing in an average day. You save money by purchasing and maintaining just one unit rather than juggling three separate machines with different toner cartridges and maintenance needs. An all-in-one laser printer also saves valuable space in your office. Whether you choose single-function or all-in-one units, a laser printer with wireless networking makes it easy to share access between multiple employees.