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Utility Tables Help You Organize and Finish Your Work

Whether your workplace makes hand-sewn garments, hand-worked wood furniture or hand-drawn architectural blueprints, doing the work at these handy utility tables helps you organize the work and keep all of the necessary supplies near the workers who need them. Put adjustable drafting tables in your design or art studio for drawing and planning work. Set a sturdy bench-style table in the shop for cutting and hammering on metal or wood. Roll a moveable utility table with an underside cabinet next to your workbench and keep your tools under lock and key overnight.

Adjustable Drafting Tables

If you're drafting, planning or sketching blueprints, try doing the work from an adjustable drafting table. This ergonomic utility table rises and drops with the twist of a dial, and you can tilt the surface to match your preferred position while you're drawing or painting. Use the attached tray for keeping pens, pencils and erasers close by, so you don't have to fish for supplies on every job.

Sturdy Work Tables

Do your heavy work on a heavy-duty utility table. These stoutly built platforms can bear the weight of your tools, supplies and the wood blocks or metal panels you're working with. Put sturdy tables in every corner of the shared workspace, so everybody has some extra work surface to use for big jobs.

Add Mobile Storage to the Work Area

Roll a utility table with a built-in underside cabinet to the side of each fixed workbench. During the day, it adds a bit of surface for a roomier work area. At night, your workers can stow their tools in the cabinet and lock them safely inside.