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Floor Mats to Keep Your Office Running Smoothly

You may not give them much thought, but floor mats assist greatly in creating a harmonious workplace and enhancing the look of your office. They also provide safety in high-traffic and client areas, protecting surfaces from dirt and damage, and letting you roll smoothly through your busy day. This is essential for any well-run office, since every admin knows that a neat, clean work environment helps us focus our attention on office duties rather than being bothered by muddy floors, worn carpets and bunched-up rugs.

Make Work More Enjoyable With Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

If you spend a lot of time on your feet throughout the day, add anti-fatigue floor mats to your work space. Whether you stand behind a counter to assist clients, thumb through folders in a file room or inventory parts in a stock room, you're bound to be exhausted after standing for long periods of time. Anti-fatigue floor mats help relieve stress on your feet, so you go home at the end of the workday ready to take on whatever the evening may bring. Most anti-fatigue floor mats are designed to provide improved traction, so you can move quickly and safely. Thanks to beveled borders, these thoughtfully designed floor mats do not create a tripping hazard, and you can even wheel your office chair over them with no issues.

Ensure Safety and Keep Floors Clean

No admin wants to waste precious time mopping up wet floors from snow-covered shoes and muddy boots, and you certainly don't want clients or employees slipping on wet surfaces. Polypropylene floor mats keep floors clean from dirt and shoe marks. Wiper and scraper mats are strong and durable and let anyone who enters your office thoroughly wipe their feet so they don't track mud and grime onto hard floors or clean carpets. Bi-level floor mats trap dirt, so there's less mess to sweep and vacuum. You can even find the solution to nasty bathroom issues. Urinal and commode floor mats keep messes to a minimum, so you can be sure restrooms are sanitary and safe for employees and clients. These pieces fit securely and are designed to be disposable to reduce cleanup in common bathroom areas.

Enhance the Look of Your Office

You know that your office is a reflection of you. When your work area looks professional, you feel better about the image you're presenting to clients. Choose floor mats in a wide range of colors to coordinate with carpet colors, office furnishings or window treatments. Use fan-shaped entrance mats to welcome customers to your office with a hint of elegance, or place an outdoor mat at the front door to greet clients before they even step into the building.