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AA batteries power perhaps the widest array of entertainment, emergency, outdoor, industrial, healthcare, and business devices, among all types of batteries. AAs are available with alkaline or lithium-ion technology to provide different lifespans for nonrechargeable power. NiMH technology is available for rechargeable batteries that often use cross-compatible chargers from different brands.

AA batteries for home and business

All batteries work on the same electrochemical principle. Powering on battery-connected devices activates a flow of electrons that accumulate at the battery’s anode, or negative pole. They need to realign themselves by seeking the opposite positive pole, the cathode. The flow between the two poles requires an electrolyte, or chemical carrier, so that the electrons can complete the circuit from the anode to the cathode and back to the device. While other chemicals are part of the electrolytic process, the two nonrechargeable chemical vehicles are known as alkaline and lithium-ion batteries.

Alkaline batteries offer high ampere-hour capacity at high draws and a long shelf life, are leak-resistant, and perform well at temperature extremes, including cold outdoor temperatures. Lithium-ion technology provides even higher standards along each of these measures.

Alkaline batteries for healthcare and industrial applications

Several alkalines, including Procell® from Duracell® and Industrial® from Energizer®, aren’t available to the public. Instead, they’re manufactured to strict specifications for reliability, long lifespans, and efficient power output for high-drain devices to meet the demands of users like emergency medical technician teams, healthcare facilities, and industrial facilities. Professional and commercial organizations can become part of the Quill purchase plan for industrial alkaline batteries for significant cost-savings.

NiMH rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable batteries consist of nickel metal hydride (NiMH) technology for devices that are high-draining while in use, including digital cameras, MP3 players, video game controllers, and video monitors. The available NiMH batteries are rechargeable hundreds of times and usually take between three and seven hours for a full recharge. Many NiMH batteries use chargers available from other brands, and if you’re busy with other tasks during the charging process, they’ll also slow the charge to a trickle to prevent any overload. In addition, most chargers accept different battery grades, including AAA batteries.

Some of the top battery brands

Both Duracell and Energizer are major battery manufacturers, not only of AA and AAA grades but also C batteries, D batteries, and 9V batteries. However, Duracell is notable for offering three different alkaline battery versions with different budget-friendly, shelf-life, and power-efficiency options:

  • Coppertop
  • Quantum
  • Optimum

Look at all chargeable and nonrechargeable AA batteries choices at Quill. Check out the cost-saving options, including 24- to 48-count packs to get the right power bundle for any home, business, or industrial electronic device.

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