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Want to know more about Air Purifiers
Office air purifiers draw stale air into filtration units, cleaning the air of allergens and particulates, and then release the clean air back into the workspace. Different units have unique filtration and purification systems, but all of them trap particulates down to 2 or 3 microns. Many units also have deodorizers to replace stale odors with fresh scents.

Types of office air purifiers

In closed office spaces, keeping the air fresh and clean depends on filtration and purification systems. Air purifiers for the office come in different configurations, including towers, desktop consoles, and mini-consoles for personal use. They also come with different filtration units, including HEPA, purification-reagent, and electrostatic filters, similar to the range of air filters for heater and furnace units. Other purifiers contain ionizers that release charged ions into the air, attaching to odor particles to keep them from floating around the workspace freely. Small deodorizing filtration units plug into wall outlets and take the place of spray or aerosol air fresheners.

Most filtration units capture 99 percent of the airborne particles that fan motors draw into the air purifiers. Some units have single filters, while others have 3- or 5-stage filtration systems. These may include UV lights and photo-catalyst filters, which eliminate dust and pollen, tobacco smoke and VOCs, mold spores and fungi, and bacteria and viruses. Using purifiers in conjunction with dehumidifiers is an effective way to minimize the accumulation of mold spore and fungi in damp spaces, such as basement storage areas.

Deodorizing the workplace with air purifiers for the office

Many purifiers not only release fresh air back into the workspace, but also scent the filtered air. Some contain trays to hold cartridges for infusing the air with a variety of fresh odors. Others have integrated vaporizers to spread fresh scents around the room. These deodorizers are excellent companions for atomized oil air fresheners that are part of an array of janitorial supplies.

Range of operation

Air purifiers are available for spaces as small as bathrooms or closets, from 16 to 20 square feet. Large units may cover up to 500 square feet, or the size of a 25 x 25 foot workspace.

Other features of air purifiers

Many purifiers have LED-lit or touchscreen control panels operating all functions, including the following features:

  • Variable fan speed, some with up to six different settings.
  • Timer modes, with continuous run times ranging up to 16 hours.
  • Air pollution indicator levels.

Check out all the popular brands of purifiers at Quill to find a unit that’s right for the size of your office and the number of employees who work in it.

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