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Offers superior resistance against many acids, alkalis and other chemicals Designed for single-use applications Elastic rubber construction forms to the hand to provide outstanding comfort and dexterity Ambidextrous Beaded cuff


Ambitex Latex Gloves Keep Your Hands Safe

Ambitex latex gloves slide on easy and fit you, well, like a glove. They're lightly powdered to slide on with minimal resistance, which limits the chance you'll tear them when you pull them over your hands. These gloves are designed to fit either hand, so you can just grab a pair and get to work without stopping to work out which way the thumb is pointing. Ambitex latex gloves are made from durable natural rubber that snugly clings to the contours of your hands and all but eliminates the wrinkles and snags that cause tears and weak spots that germs can slip through.

Natural Latex Fits Beautifully

Pull on a pair of Ambitex latex gloves before you do any kind of dirty or potentially hazardous work with your hands. The thick natural latex in these gloves blocks most weak alkaline and acidic chemicals, as well as viruses and bacteria that would quite like to get on your hands. The natural elastic tension of good, thick latex keeps these gloves snugly pressed to your skin without pressing too tightly or becoming uncomfortable. That perfect fit not only keeps the material out of your way, like a second skin, while you work, it also reduces the risk of snagging a wrinkle in the material and tearing open the glove while you work.

Ambidextrous Design Saves Time

Don't waste time staring at your gloves to figure out which one goes on which hand. Just grab a pair of ambidextrous Ambitex latex gloves from the box and get going. These gloves are formed on molds that match the design of the human hand, but which are cleverly even-handed, if you will, to fit both your left and right hands equally well. This saves time when you reach for a pair, so you can just pull the gloves on and get to work.

Useful for Just About Anything

There's no end to how you can use these Ambitex latex gloves. Their usefulness as exam gloves in a medical office is obvious, but they're also good for use with animals and for handling food in a cafeteria, though preferably not at the same time. These gloves are a great choice for keeping cleaning solution off of your skin when you have a mess to clean up. Their tight latex weave stops microbes from getting through, so you can handle money at a cash register all day without picking up a case of who-knows-what from the bills you handle. Even at home, these gloves are just what you want to be wearing while you mix up some ground beef and press out hamburger patties. They're intended for single use only, so peel them off when you're done and snap them into the trash.