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A basic calculator lets anyone add, subtract, multiply, divide, and compute percentages without pencil and paper. It also has the memory capacity to store and retrieve calculations, and it offers clear, digital readouts for displaying results. Check out a wide selection of simple calculator options at Quill, in addition to devices with advanced functions for specific professions.

A basic calculator for everyday use

Just about everyone performs arithmetic daily. A simple calculator is ideal for everyday needs, such as monitoring household budgets, deciphering number problems at school, determining inventory needs in a warehouse, or computing miles per gallon on trips. Many basic calculator options are handheld and small enough to fit in shirt pockets or handbags.

A simple calculator for the work surface

Some calculators are larger, with sturdier bases. Desktop calculator models give number-crunching professionals like CPAs broader keypads and more stable platforms to make the calculation process more comfortable. Desktop versions also include printing calculators that contain paper for printing out numerical computations at up to 5 seconds a line, in both red and black ink for loss and profit indicators. The desktop calculator is essential for professionals like accountants, financial planners, real estate agents, and sales personnel who need hard-copy printouts as verification for tax and business purposes.

Digital readouts

Many basic and desktop calculators have sharp LCD screens for digitally displaying numbers. Liquid crystals do not emit light, but instead, consist of roving electrodes that block polarized light to shape the numbers. That means the LCDs of simple calculator models yield sharp, glare-free digital readouts of numbers. This feature is also a key component of more sophisticated devices like graphing calculators, which feature high-resolution color screens that transform numerical calculations into graphs and figures with grid lines and axis marks.

Battery and solar power

Most basic calculators operate on single-cell disk battery power and provide thousands of hours of use. Other devices have extended runtime with solar power capabilities, including battery backup that users can switch on and off as necessary. Most calculators automatically shut off when idle for a period of time.

Other features of a basic calculator

Many calculators available from Quill come with cases or covers to protect the keypads from dust and debris and to maintain the integrity of the digital displays. Others are available with the following features:

  • Antimicrobial surfaces
  • Color-coded number keys
  • Color-contrasting screen housings
  • Flip-open, fold-down hinges

Others display up 12 digits per line, to account for long strings of numbers or digits that include multiple decimal points. Most scientific calculators build on this feature with multiple display lines for equations and formulas, including built-in functionality to support complex mathematical formulations derived from square roots, logarithms, regressions, and other derivations.

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