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Binding Supplies Keep Documents Together

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<h2>Binding Supplies Keep Documents Together</h2><p>Keep your documents and your professionalism together using binding supplies. Even if you always have your act together on the job, losing a single page of an important document can result in a less-than-professional appearance. These office supplies provide a durable cover and binding mechanism so pages do not accidentally fall out of a file.</p><h3>Bind So You Can Find</h3><p>When you use binding supplies, the bound materials always remain in the same order. That all-important page is always in the same place in the binder and not just shoved randomly in a file folder. Simply flip through the binder and you can access it any time you need. Add a table of contents and number the pages for easier access to materials you access often. Materials bound between the covers take on a more professional look, improving your business' image to the client.</p><h3>Reduce the Chances of Misfiling Papers</h3><p>If you have worked with loose files, you know how easily a document can slip into the wrong file folder. With binding supplies, employees must open the clasp to add new materials. This process means they must stop and look at the binder before making additions. While it is still possible to misfile a document, the chances are greatly reduced. The binder covers even have loading instructions printed inside, making it easy to expand the file as necessary.</p><h3>Reduce the Disaster of a Dropped File</h3><p>It happens in every office. One employee works meticulously to organize the documents pertaining to a particular project in a single file. Each time he opens the file he makes sure every item goes back to its home within the file jacket. Then due to carelessness, someone drops the file and the papers scatter across the floor. Even if they all make it back into the file jacket, they are never again in the exact order as before. The organization time is lost, and it always seems as if something is missing. Bound files can withstand an occasional accidental drop while keeping all the pages in order so your project does not suffer. When the project ends, add a file tab to the cover and the entire file is ready to archive.</p><h3>Double Scored Covers Score Easier Use</h3><p>Many of the covers in binding supplies offer double scored covers. Users can fold these pressboard covers back so they lie flat when accessing the materials. The folded back cover provides extra support like a clipboard, so you can add notes to a page without having to remove it from the bound document. When you close the cover, it provides protection from moisture, so the ink won't smear even if you have to transport it in bad weather or access the material while in the field. It also protects documents from the inevitable coffee spills of coworkers.</p>