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Bulk Charmin® toilet paper comes in cartons holding various numbers of rolls for home and business use. Charmin toilet paper is strong and smooth for optimal user comfort. Charmin Ultra Soft™ Mega Rolls with over 400 sheets are ideal for busy offices and institutions, and can be used with most dispensers and standard roll holders.

Bulk Charmin toilet paper is gentle on skin

Scent free Charmin toilet paper is comfortable to use. The tissue paper has a high absorbence capacity for effective cleaning. Hypoallergenic and dye-free options make it easy to serve a diverse range of people, particularly those with scent allergies or sensitive skin.

Unique textures and quilted designs make the paper easy to grip and add a plush feel. Toilet paper rolls with perforations make it easy to tear sheets. The rolls have cores compatible with regular mechanical and automatic toilet paper dispensers to prevent contamination and wasted paper.

Strong and eco-friendly Charmin toilet paper

Toilet paper is available in strong 1- and 2-ply options. Two-ply options offer high absorbency, making them suitable for wiping accidental spills and splashes in addition to bathroom use. Charmin toilet paper is also septic safe for disposal through the sewer system. Users can choose from various types of Charmin offerings such as:

  • Ultra Soft™ Rolls
  • Ultra Strong™ Rolls
  • Essentials Soft Rolls
  • Essentials Strong Rolls

The toilet paper comes from sustainable sources, and some selections undergo chlorine free manufacturing, which is an environmentally friendly process. Other brands to choose from include Envision® toilet paper.

Charmin Ultra Soft Mega Rolls for high traffic restrooms

Ultra Soft Mega Rolls toilet paper comes in various pack and roll sizes. Smaller options for home and small business use include cartons with 16 rolls, with each roll having 200 sheets. Cartons with up to 48 rolls, with each having 200 sheets, are suitable for office and schools with multiple restrooms. Some options are individually wrapped for easy redistribution to various departments. Medium size packs include those with 24 rolls per carton, with each roll having 326 sheets.

Mega rolls have up to 450 sheets each and come in cartons with up to 75 rolls. These are ideal for use with dispensers since they can last longer before you need to replace them, minimizing the frequency of replenishing supplies. Find other janitorial supplies and brands such as Scott® toilet paper at Quill.


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